NOAH Support for Responsible Animal Medicine Use

The Noah Compendium of Data Sheets books have long been acknowledged as the go-to resource for prescribers of animal medicines, whether veterinary surgeons or SQPs.

Speaking at the NFU Conference, Donal Murphy, Technical Executive for NOAH and veterinary surgeon, explained how the animal medicines industry offers British vets and farmers a great deal to support the responsible use of animal medicines.

Donal Murphy

Donal Murphy

“Ten years ago in 2005, NOAH put the Compendium online, free to access and regularly updated to ensure that data sheet information can be kept up-to-date. Farmers have access to changes in any information about the medicines they use, such as any changes in withdrawal periods. This is well used – with well over 8 million visitors since it was launched and running at around 2500 visits a day,” he said.

“Now NOAH has a project underway developed to help vets, farmers and SQPs to access information about medicines on their smart phones. This will give easy and fast ‘off-line’ access to up-to-date veterinary medicines information, even when you are out of signal and can’t access the Compendium website.

“We believe this new development will further support responsible medicine use as it will give an easy reference to check dose rate and indications for use. It will also help compliance with food chain requirements such as the withdrawal period.

“We are looking forward to being able to offer this new service soon,” he added.


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