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CLA Backs Action to Deliver Universal Mobile Coverage in Countryside

The CLA has backed government plans to introduce a ‘national roaming mobile network’ to ensure all rural communities receive mobile phone coverage.

The CLA organisation which represents landowners, farmers and rural businesses said national roaming is the preferred option in its response tothe Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) consultation on tackling partial mobile not-spots.

phone mast

CLA President Henry Robinson said: “The lack of a mobile signal is holding back opportunity for thousands of people that live and work in the countryside. We support the Government’s attempt to resolve this major problem. We hope the Government and the mobile industry can work out a voluntary solution, but we would support regulation as a last resort.

“Putting in place a national roaming network would encourage mobile operators to work together for the benefit of consumers. We accept there are technical challenges to overcome, but urge mobile operators to work together to achieve universal mobile coverage.

Mr Robinson added that putting a national roaming network in place must not be to the disadvantage of the landowner who provides the land for mobile masts.

He said: “Rents paid to the landowner must be adequate and based on fair negotiation without compulsion or threat.”


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