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Farmlite Rooflights are Cream of the Crop at New Dairy Farm Building

At a new-build dairy farm expansion in Martock, Somerset, over 1,500m2 of Farmlite GRP rooflights from Brett Martin Daylight Systems have been installed to improve internal living conditions and provide long term, high quality natural light for up to 800 cows.

Designed and fabricated by AJ Lowther & Son, the 9,850m2 steel framed building has been built as part of the expansion of the 1,100 acre Witcombe Farm site. With the existing farm buildings over 40 years old and renovation not a feasible solution, the owner required a new-build dairy unit that would meet stringent animal welfare and environmental regulations.

New building at Witcombe Farm, Martock showing the Farmlite GRP Rooflights

New building at Witcombe Farm, Martock showing the Farmlite GRP Rooflights

As part of the design, it was essential to bring as much diffused natural light into the building as possible. Working closely with the client, AJ Lowther investigated a variety of options before selecting Farmlite GRP rooflights which are guaranteed to offer the best long term performance in terms of structural durability and light transmission.

Installed uniformly across the roof area in a profile to complement the Eurosix fibre cement sheeting, supplied by Briarwood Products, the Farmlite GRP rooflights will provide an even distribution of quality natural light throughout the building for in excess of 25 years. A significantly longer period of time than is commonplace for rooflights typically found in the agricultural sector.

“I tend to work on the basis of ‘what would I do if it was my building’ and the answer was ‘I would fit Farmlite’,” said Antony Lowther, ‎MD of AJ Lowther & Son. “So, as a client who wanted a building that gave them best value for money, when we put the case for spending a bit more on the rooflights to get a long term overall benefit, the client went for Farmlite.”

Utilising Brett Martin’s 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of GRP rooflights, each Farmlite GRP rooflight sheet comes with dual action UV surface protection and specially formulated UV resistant resins as standard, so the long term effects of weathering are greatly reduced and as a result the rooflights stay stronger and clearer for longer.

By maintaining their natural translucency, Farmlite rooflights provide free, quality natural light which is proven to encourage healthier, more disease-resistant livestock. They also ensure improved conditions for farm workers and can contribute to energy savings by helping reduce the consumption of electric light in the farm building when used in combination with lighting control systems.

With the entire floor area set to benefit from a wealth of high quality natural light for many years to come, Brett Martin continues to make a positive contribution towards improving daylighting levels and meeting the strictest environmental regulations at farm buildings across the UK and Ireland.

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