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Farmlite GRP – A New Generation of Farm Rooflights

Market leading rooflight manufacturer Brett Martin Daylight Systems has launched Farmlite GRP, a range of long lasting, high performance glass reinforced polyester rooflights with anti-yellowing technology.

Developed to withstand challenging agricultural environments, Farmlite GRP incorporates outstanding UV protection and enhanced resin formulation to provide long term clarity and quality light transmission levels, whilst preventing ‘yellowing’ and degradation of the rooflight for 20 years.

Farmlite GRP

Brett Martin Daylight Systems has launched Farmlite GRP, a range of long lasting, high performance glass reinforced polyester rooflights with anti-yellowing technology.

GRP has been the rooflight material of choice in the farming industry for well over half a century, but if an inadequate grade of GRP is installed as a rooflight, its appearance and especially its performance can be compromised quickly by the effects of age and weathering. Inferior performance grades of GRP are unfortunately commonplace in farm buildings as construction costs have been driven down and rooflight quality has suffered as a result. These lower quality rooflights are characterised by the alarming speed by which they deteriorate, suffering rapid surface erosion and advanced yellowing often within months of installation. Utilising the company’s 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of GRP rooflights, Brett Martin has developed the Farmlite GRP rooflight to help combat these problems by providing a more durable, naturally translucent and longer lasting agricultural rooflight.

Each Farmlite GRP rooflight sheet comes with dual action UV surface protection and specially formulated UV resistant resins as standard, so the long term effects of weathering are greatly reduced and as a result stay clearer for longer than the traditionally used inferior grades of GRP. By maintaining their natural translucency, Farmlite rooflights provide free, quality natural light which is proven to encourage healthier, more disease-resistant livestock and improved conditions for farm workers. And, Farmlite GRP rooflights can also contribute to energy savings by helping reduce the consumption of electric light in the farm building.

As well as improved clarity for longer periods, each sheet is also more resistant to surface erosion and weakening. With greatly improved durability, Farmlite GRP will continue to be structurally strong and fit for purpose for at least 25 years under normal working conditions.

In terms of composition, Farmlite GRP rooflights are stronger because they contain a glass fibre content of at least 33%. Some recently tested sheet commonly used in the farm buildings sector has been found to have as little as 25% glass fibre.

Manufactured to EN 1013 under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Farmlite GRP rooflights are available in Big 6 profile and there are a range of options to achieve the required safety levels, U-values and fire ratings as stipulated in current Building Regulations. It can be used in single skin, double skin and triple site assembled rooflight applications or as wall lights in all types of agricultural buildings such as barns, sheds, milking parlours’, animal housing, stables and equestrian buildings.

What about the cost? Surprisingly this advanced technology is affordable and available at very little additional cost compared to the performance improvements offered. For example, assuming a 10% rooflight area of 30m2 on a farm building of 21m x 15m the cost of Farmlite rooflights would be approximately only £90-£100 more than lower grade GRP sheets which will deteriorate within a year. It is clear that the additional price for Farmlite rooflights is negligible in comparison to the clear benefits of long term durability, protection from yellowing and quality light transmission.

Rooflights make a vital contribution to every building, from improving internal conditions to reducing energy use and running costs. With the company’s new Farmlite GRP rooflights, Brett Martin Daylight Systems has once again set the standard for the industry with a range that will transform the performance of agricultural buildings across the UK and Ireland for minimal extra cost.

Brett Martin

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