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Major Changes to Claiming SPS are on the Way

“As no previously recorded details will be available on the new Basic Payment Scheme online system, and there are significant changes which need to be understood, every UK farmer needs to engage with the Government’s new Scheme as soon as possible” says Andrew Jamieson, of H&H Land and Property.

Farmers, Agents and Claimants are only allowed to register, online, for the new system and the RPA are due to request registrations from around end of August 2014.

Andrew Jamieson

Andrew Jamieson

The Rural Payment Agency (RPA) has announced that the new Basic Payment Scheme will start in January 2015. Similar to the current system, every hectare of eligible land has to be matched with a hectare of entitlement in order to claim. All current entitlements will be rolled forward into the new scheme.

“If this sounds simple,” adds, Andrew, “farmers should examine the requirements of the scheme quickly, and seek help if they feel the schedule is too tight, or they lack confidence in being able to master another online system by the fast approaching deadline.”

As Andrew says: “This is a new process, and all previous login details will not be used. Every claimant must be enrolled anew. With this applying to every farmer in the country it is clearly going to be a very time consuming exercise so we advise claimants to register as soon as practically possibly once the online system is open.”

Major re-mapping is also necessary as ineligible features now have to be mapped, so the complexity of the new system cannot be underestimated. Payment areas are changing and the Non-SDA and SDA areas are to be merged as one. Non-SDA claimants will have their payments slightly reduced and SDA claimants will have their payments increased. For example, Moorland claimants can look to have their payments doubled – however, figures for each area are yet to be released.

Andrew continues, “H&H Land and Property have been submitting online applications for claimants for a number of years and even though the new online system is as yet unknown, this manner of submission is nothing new to us.”

“We are offering to enrol claimants at in our satellite offices at several of our Harrison and Hetherington marts throughout the North of England for a minimal charge. Staff are also available at both our Carlisle and Durham offices.”

The dates scheduled for these one to one SPS workshops are as follows:
Broughton Auction Mart, Tues 26 August and Tues 9 September
Kirkby Stephen Auction Mart, Tues 2 September and Fri 12 September
Lazonby Auction Mart, Wed 10 September & Thurs 11 September
Middleton in Teesdale, Fri 19 September & Fri 26 September

To register online you will need to bring with you basic documentary proof of identity details, such as National Insurance Number, passport, utility bill, the list will be confirmed shortly.

Andrew issues a further date warning to farmers of October 19th 2014. This is the entitlement transfer deadline to transfer entitlements prior to the new scheme starting. Entitlements can still be transferred in mid-January but claimants will have to meet the new scheme rules. My advice says Andrew: “Better the scheme that you know, than the one that you don’t so transfer your spare entitlements before new scheme rules come in to play.”

He comments, “Here at H&H Land and Property we are trading entitlements now. For many farmers a key part of this is ensuring that there are no inaccuracies, which can result in considerable penalties.”


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