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Agquip Dribble Bar Delights Farmers Neighbours

Since dairy farmer Bryan Hanna used a Manure Efficiency Technology Scheme (METS) grant to help acquire a AGQUIP dribble bar, his neighbours have been making plans to apply when the scheme re-opens.

“Fitting an AGQUIP dribble bar to our existing NC tanker made good business sense bearing in mind that for every £4 in grant we have to spend another £6, “ Bryan commented.

The Agquip 10 metre dribble bar Bryan Hanna purchased with the aid of a METS grant has dramatically reduced his spend on bag nitrogen.

The Agquip 10 metre dribble bar Bryan Hanna purchased with the aid of a METS grant has dramatically reduced his spend on bag nitrogen.

“This grant gave us early access to the very latest in slurry handling technology, an AGQUIP dribble bar designed, developed and manufactured a few miles from here by James O’Kane. Over the years James and I have discussed ways of improving how to get slurry safely onto swards so being one of the first to acquire the dribble bar was a bonus.

“The reasons I bought a dribble bar rather than the trailing shoe distribution system are several and simple. It gives a 10 metre rather the usual 7.5m spreading width so saves time and fuel.

“Another huge advantage on our ground is that the dribble bar slides rubber boots along the ground putting the slurry into the grass roots. This creates no drag on the tractor whereas a trailing shoe going into the ground adds drag on the tractor burning up more fuel and making wheel spin more likely in wet weather.

“Like the alternative and very popular trailing shoe a dribble bar reduces smell and waste as no slurry rich in nitrogen is blowing away up into the air.”

Continuing the Ballymoney milk producer noted that this new dribble bar technology had dramatically reduced his bill for bag fertiliser.

“In every way the dribble bar is a tidier job compared to an ordinary slurry tanker and greatly reduces the risk to our environment as regards pollution risk.

“From a business perspective using the dribble bar allows us to get slurry right into the sward once cows are moved off knowing the grass will be clean by the time our milkers are back round again grazing that ground. Thus slurry can be used where once we had to apply yet another costly application of bag nitrogen.

“The tanker with dribble bar also helps when it comes to silage ground as slurry can be applied to longer grass to keep second and third cut moving.”

Milking 150 cows and a member of farmer owned United Dairy Farmers, Bryan Hanna has only praise for METS.

“The Manure Efficiency Technology Scheme helped us and a lot of other farmers become more efficient and gave the general rural economy a wee boost with more equipment, often locally manufactured, being bought.

“I found the young folk we dealt with in Countryside Services at Dungannon more than helpful and very practical in their approach.

“Farmers aiming to move forward in this business of farming should look at ways of utilizing their slurry better with help from METS.”


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