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New Holland Sponsors Climate Action

New Holland Agriculture has further reaffirmed its commitment to a sustainable and productive future with its gold level sponsorship of the 2013 Climate Action Sustainable Innovation Forum, which was held alongside the UNFCCC Conference of Parties.

The event, which took place in Warsaw, Poland, on 20th November, brought together the leaders of business, finance, government, industry, NGOs and academics in a series of events which stimulated and galvanised commitment and actions to develop a post-2015 climate-proof agenda. The Forum, organised on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme, was the catalyst for robust debate, which is aimed at furthering the case for a viable, sustainable future.

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“We are proud to have sponsored such a prestigious event, during which we leveraged agriculture’s role in developing a sustainable future. Moreover, we believe that creating and consolidating links with official institutions and other companies, which are committed to developing agricultural sustainability, is of fundamental importance,” stated Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland Agriculture. “We are dedicated to helping farmers provide for the food and energy needs of the world, whilst preserving natural resources.”

2013 Climate Action Sustainable Innovation Forum

2013 Climate Action Sustainable Innovation Forum

New Holland: gold level sponsor of the event

New Holland is an established sponsor of high profile conferences on environmental issues. Its gold level sponsorship denotes the importance of sustainable innovation for the brand, which is also embodied by its Clean Energy Leader® strategy. Underpinning this philosophy are the four key themes of growing energy, efficient productivity, sustainable farming and a corporate commitment to sustainability.

New Holland is looking to drive the agenda on innovative technologies to accelerate green growth. The global nature of agriculture means changes which reduce the environmental impact of farming, such as reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, technology that improves soil structure and prevents erosion and water loss, all whilst enhancing essential productivity, have a major impact in terms of global sustainability.

New Holland features prominently on the event’s official website and a T6 tractor was on display with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for Tier 4A compliance. The T6 tractor’s ECOBlue™ SCR technology has reduced by 50 per cent harmful nitrogen oxides, one of the key causes of acid rain, and cut harmful particulate emissions by 90% compared with previous Tier 3 tractors.

New Holland participates in the panel discussing how collaboration can speed up the transformation to a green global economy

Andrea Maselli, Business Director for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and for APAC (Asia Pacific) for Hay and Forage, Crop Care and Agricultural Implements, participated in an expert panel discussion on “Partnerships that make a difference: how can collaboration speed up the transformation to a green economy?”. He explained the practical application of the Clean Energy Leader® Strategy, and focused on New Holland’s strategic alliances to invest in sustainable energy systems, to address energy poverty and to reduce emissions.

“Our participation at this event is an ideal opportunity for further reflection on the challenges that lie ahead and it is a source of inspiration for our Clean Energy Leader program to find effective and innovative sustainable strategies to overcome them,” stated Andrea Maselli.

“With a growing population and a growing demand for food, New Holland is committed to being part of the solution and to providing technology for sustainable agricultural development and to building a more secure foundation for future growth.”

Climate Action
The Climate Action Programme is a global communications platform run in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Through a leading publication (now its seventh year) and via an acclaimed forum and exhibition, Climate Action highlights the government policies and business solutions that are needed to become resilient to, and take advantage of, a changing climate.

United Nations Environment Programme – UNEP

Founded in 1972, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the UN’s voice for the environment and coordinates all its environmental activities. It aims to assist countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and to encourage sustainable economic development through sound environmental practice. UNEP provides environmental leadership on dealing with climate change to the rest of the UN system, international organisations, national governments, civil society and the private sector. It provides guidance and advice to governments on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the consequences of climate change.


The 19th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 19)

The Conference of the Parties (COP) is the governing body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and is responsible for keeping international efforts to address climate change on track. The COP 16 meeting in Cancun, Mexico, resulted in the Cancun Agreement, ultimately extending the Copenhagen Accord. The Parties adopted a balanced package of decisions that set governments more firmly on the path towards a low-emissions future and supported enhanced action on climate change in the developing world. The COP 17 meeting held in Durban, South Africa, in 2011 delivered a breakthrough on the international community's response to climate change. The COP18 meeting saw a decision by Parties to adopt a universal legal agreement on climate change as soon as possible, and no later than 2015. This year’s meeting was focused on further advancing international commitments to counteract climate change.

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