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Commercial Buyers Put Bottom in Lleyn Trade

There were several volume commercial buyers at the ringside at the Lleyn sale in Welshpool putting a bottom in the trade which helped to maintain a solid sale throughout.

The shearling ewe section was topped early on when the champion pen from D & N Bennett, Powys realised £225/head to RV & GE Jones, Wrexham.

Champion Ram Plasucha Bennett from DN Bennett & Son

Champion Ram Plasucha Bennett from DN Bennett & Son

It was JA & R Geldard & Sons next who had travelled all the way from Kendal. They sold a pen of 5 for £210/head to DG Jones, Lampeter and another pen at £200/head to M Reader, Congleton. The second prize pen from WJ & DJ Williams, Nefyn realised £180/head to P Eckett, Newton. The third prize pen from Christine Lewis, Trefeglwys sold for £165/head to DM Thomas, Carmarthenshire.

In the ewe lamb section again it was the 1st prize winners topping the section. WJ & DJ Williams sold this pen for £148/head to TA Irwin & Son, Devon. AW Davies, Nefyn came in next with a pen at £136/head also to TA Irwin & Son. J & R Twose, Whitland realised £132/head to AG & GM Hughes, Carnarthon. The second prize pen from John Morton realised £106/head to N Sinden, Banbury whilst he also had another pen at £120/head which were bought by J & R Twose. The third prize pen from DN Bennett & Son sold for £110/head to I Sevonoaks, Herefordshire.

It was the champion from DN Bennett & Son, Powys which topped at 1350gns. Plasucha Bennett, a shearling ram is bred from a John Morton sire out of a homebred ewe. This ram was purchased by B Jones & Son, Llanybydder. The reserve champion ram from H & M Dugdale, Settle was Borrins Blizzard, an E & D Jones sired ram from a homebred ewe. He went on to sell for 1000gns to S Hope, Aylesbury. JA & R Geldard sold a Wraycastle shearling ram sired by a Sackville Hamilton for 1250gns to JF Robinson & Sons, Shropshire.



238 Ewes to £118 av. £102

626 Shearlings to £225 av. £140.25

322 Ewe Lambs to £148 av. £85.48

36 Rams to 1350gns av. £541.33


56 Ewes to £110 av. £83.07

58 Shearlings to £132 av. £75.00

120 Ewe Lambs to 76 av. £57.00


Shearling Ewes

1st DN Bennett & Son

2nd WJ & DJ Williams

3rd Christine Lewsis

Ewe Lambs

1st WJ & DJ Williams

2nd J Morton

3rd DN Bennett & Son

Champion Females: DN Bennett & Son (shearlings)

Reserve Champion Females: WJ & DJ Williams (ewe lambs)


1st DN Bennett & Son (224)

2nd H & M Dugdale (229)

3rd DW & CF Morris (214)



A & E Davies £118

Williams-Ellis £116

DM & EM Hughes £115

A & E Davies £112

Williams-Ellis £112

CD & SE Walton £110

A & G Hughes £100


DN Bennett & Son £225

JA & R Geldard & Sons £210

JA & R Geldard & Sons £200

DN Bennett & Son £190

JA & R Geldard & Sons £185

WJ & DJ Williams £180

G & A Fort £175

WJ & DJ Williams £170

T & B Fort £170

C Lewis £165

JA & R Geldard & Sons £160

Ewe Lambs

WJ & DJ Williams £148

AW Davies £136

J & R Twose £132

J Morton £120

DN Bennett & Son £110

J Morton £106

C Lewis £100

RO Rees £100

M Reader £98

ST Morris £98

C Lewis £98


DN Bennett & Son 1350gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons 1250gns

H & M Dugdale 1000gns

G A Fort 880gns

T & B Fort 880gns

G & A Fort 800gns

AW Davies 780gns

T & B Fort 780gns

G & A Fort 640gns

M Williams 620gns


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