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Cogent Acquires World-Leading Genomic Sire

Cogent Breeding Ltd, the beef and dairy genetics specialists and global leader in sexed semen technology, has confirmed that it has bought Cogent Supershot, the Number One genomic bull for Net Merit US$1,009.

This high calibre bull has a GTPI of 2577, GLPI of 3537, GPFT of 3275 and his UK PLI is £258.

Cogent Supershot

Cogent Supershot

The acquisition of a bull with such potential further establishes Cogent Breeding Ltd’s commitment to providing the very best genetics to support dairy farmers worldwide.

Mark Evington, Cogent Breeding Ltd’s managing director said,
“This is an extremely important acquisition. We are acutely aware of the pressures being placed on farmers around the world to deliver more from less and we strongly believe that bulls of the quality of Cogent Supershot are a critical part of the solution.

“It is rare for a bull of this quality and potential to be discovered in Europe. As a result, he will be made available in Europe, North America and the rest of the world at the same time and we anticipate a strong level of demand for early stage semen from Cogent Supershot.”

Supershot originates from a long-established US cow family developed at Vir-Clar Holsteins, tracing through the highly acclaimed Tirsvad Patron Claire EX92.

As potentially the best Supersire son in the world, he combines record genomics with a solid, reliable cow family that has proven itself over the years in many different herds. He hails from the same line as the famous Koepon Classy and Anderstrup Claire family, known around the world for its ability to breed high ranking females and bulls on numerous different bases.

Over the last two decades, Cogent Breeding Ltd has led the way with its own high-performing UK proven bulls. The expertise and know-how built up on the UK programme was vital in making an early move to acquire Cogent Supershot.

The acquisition of Cogent Supershot demonstrates Cogent’s commitment to long-term investment in the industry and underpins its aim to become the leading UK supplier of high-quality bovine genetics and to expand further in international markets.


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