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UK Grain Will Show the Latest Equipment for Grain Storage and Handling

Whether farmers are looking to renew, update or adapt their grain handling and storage facilities, the UK Grain Event at Peterborough on Nov 6 provides a great opportunity to catch up with all the latest innovations in the grain sector.

Cutting the energy cost for grain drying is a prime issue for all farmers and one company with a track record of doing just that is Bowler Energy, which will be providing advice to farmers keen to cut energy usage at the UK Grain Event.

UK Grain

One farmer looking to reduce his energy usage who has been very content with the advice he has received is Ernest Fenton, an arable and sheep farmer from Tunbridge Wells, Kent. He is also the owner of an ice rink used for curling.

An on-site assessment by advisor Eddie Chadfield revealed that the best way for Ernest to optimise his energy was through a 50kW roof mounted system on a purpose built barn. Constructed at the optimum angle, Ernest would be able to obtain the maximum output from the PV panels whilst benefiting from extra storage space.

All in all, the entire process from initial contact to completed and commissioned PV system was just five months.

Also delighting in the benefits of a PV system from Bowler Energy are Stephen and David McGuffie, commercial soft fruit and asparagus growers in Staffordshire.

Their roof mounted system was able to power the cold stores on the farm whilst supplying additional electricity to the offices on site.

The UK Grain Event at the Peterborough Arena on November 6th provides an opportunity for growers, traders and storage specialists to come together to find new ways to improve business performance.

UK Grain

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