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Newbirks Craven Dairy Auction Champion Sells for £2,720

The prolific Wharfedale-based Newbirks pedigree Holstein herd of husband and wife David and Claire Lawson and their 21-year-old son Matthew, of Mill Farm, Arthington, was again in sparkling form at the main July Craven Dairy Auction at CCM Skipton. (Mon, July 22)

The Lawsons made a clean sweep of the prizes in the newly calven heifer class, all home-breds by Genus sires, with the two principals going on to be crowned champion – knocked down for a heady £2,720, the highest selling price of the dairy year to date - and reserve champion respectively.

Pictured with the July Craven Dairy Auction first and second newly calven cows are, from left, Philip Penrose and his sons Will, aged 11, who has just left Silkstone Junior School and will start at Penistone Grammar after the summer holidays, and 17-year-old Joe.

Pictured with the July Craven Dairy Auction first and second newly calven cows are, from left, Philip Penrose and his sons Will, aged 11, who has just left Silkstone Junior School and will start at Penistone Grammar after the summer holidays, and 17-year-old Joe.

It was the Lawsons' fourth Craven Dairy Auction championship of 2013. The family’s latest victor, recipient of the BOCM Pauls dairy trophy from the company’s Keith Colley, is, like their June title winner, a daughter of Schillview Oman Gerard.

Three weeks calved and giving 30 litres of milk, the top-price performer will prove a top-class addition to James and Malcolm Kayley’s 130-strong Candlerush pedigree dairy herd at Town End Farm, Halton West.

The reserve champion, four weeks calved and giving 30 litres, was by Autumn-Ridge Matson, with the third placed three weeks calved heifer, giving 28 litres, a daughter of the legendary Picston Shottle. Both sold for £2,500 to regular buyer William Reed, of Bielby, York.

The Lawsons also sold a fourth newly calven heifer for £2,300, again to Mr Reed. Exhibitor Matthew Lawson has now joined the family farm full time after completing his studies in the engineering faculty at the University of Leeds, where he gained a 1st class degree in product design.

Local vendor Jeremy Taylor, who runs the Smellows pedigree Holstein Friesian herd at Small House, Broughton, and is a multiple Craven Dairy Auction champion, again performed well with two newly calven heifers at £2,240 and £2,100. These, too, both fell to Mr Reed.

Making a welcome return to the Skipton dairy arena after a break of several years was the South Yorkshire Penrose farming family, who run their commercial herd from Bull Haw Hall Farm in Silkstone, near Barnsley.

Philip Penrose, his sister Liz and 17-year-old son Joe, who has just completed his studies at Bishop Burton Agricultural College, marked their comeback in style when presenting the first and second prize newly calven cows. The red rosette winner, a second calver giving 45 litres is by another Genus sire, Comestar Outside, and sold for £2,100, top price in class, to G Abbott & Sons, of Dacre, Harrogate.

The second prize cow, again a second calver giving 40 litres by the family’s stock bull, Coachgate Beckham – many in their herd are named after footballing greats, notably Manchester United icons! – joined H Goodall & Son, of Tong, Bradford, for £1,960. The Penroses also had the top price newly calven commercial heifer, which became a further Goodall acquisition at £2,060.

Graham Bell, of Sinnington, York, again performed creditably when presenting the third prize newly calven cow, selling for £1,590 to Wick Williams, of Nantwich, Cheshire.

A run of 12 well-fleshed in-calf heifers from David and Richard Verity, of Grewelthorpe, secured all three prizes in the show class and met a good trade, peaking at £1,500 twice when bought by Mr Williams again and Martyn Jennings, of Cowling, who purchased three of the Verity consignment, with others falling to Gargrave’s Tom Shuttleworth.

High price performers apart, the 37-strong entry struggled to match trade achieved in previous months, though the overall selling average of pedigree newly calven heifers was strong at £2,197 per head, with an across-the-board heifer average of £1,665. Newly calven cows averaged £1,676 and in-calf heifers £1,313.

Show judge was regular Skipton dairy buyer Aubrey Greenhalgh, of Preston. The two Craven Dairy Auctions next month take place on August 5 and 19, the latter to include a standalone show and sale for pedigree dairy bulls.

Rearing calves peak at £505

Dairy-bred youngsters were also prominent among the 64-strong entry at CCM Skipton’s weekly rearing calf sale, though it was Continental and native types that caught the eye to produce trade described as “fantastic.”

The standout performer on the day was Gargrave’s Colin Whitelock with two exceptional British Blue-x bull calves that sold for £505, top call of the day, and £500. The same vendor also followed up with the top-priced British Blue-x heifer calf at £330. All three fell to Derek Taylor, of Burton Leonard, a regular calf buyer at Skipton.

Further British Blue X entries from two regular vendors, the Sowray brothers in Bishop Thornton, and Church Farm Enterprises, of Burton Leonard, were not far behind on price at £490 and £485 respectively, producing an outstanding overall Blue average of £443.18 per head.

Of the native breeds, Aberdeen Angus calves met a flying trade, with Church Farm Enterprises, run by Fred and Mark Houseman, selling a run of calves all above £300 and topping at £330. The buyer was Mrs R Towers, of Hebden Bridge. The overall average for Angus bull calves was a solid £261.43 per head.

Black and white calves met a harsher trade, with anything not top quality struggling. Despite a good portion of calves reaching £90-plus and peaking at £135 for a bull calf from Malcolm Ryder, of Haverah Park, Harrogate, the trade slid to an average of £57 per head. However, with an additional buyer present, it is expected to pick up again at next Monday’s weekly sale.

The overall rearing calf average was £173 per head.

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