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Keenan Nutritionists Helping Farmers During Fodder Crisis

The popular Keenan InTouch Helpline is handling up to 60 calls a day and is staffed by experienced animal nutritionists working to alleviate the forage crisis.

The Keenan InTouch Centre works with farmers in Britain and Ireland monitoring milk yields, live weight gains and dry matter intakes. Based on the data available Keenan nutritionists makes dietary changes to livestock rations thereby optimising livestock performance and feed efficiency.

Jim Greene, MD of Richard Keenan & Co. Ltd in the Keenan InTouch Centre, with nutritionists Cathal Bohane & Eva Griffin

Jim Greene, MD of Richard Keenan & Co. Ltd in the Keenan InTouch Centre, with nutritionists Cathal Bohane & Eva Griffin

The Keenan InTouch Centre is now working to alleviate the forage crisis. Over 4,000 Irish customers and a further 5,000 farmers on the Keenan data base were contacted to help advise farmers in making cost effective and practical diets to maintain yields and improve animal health.

Farmers with surplus forage supplies are also being put in contact with farmers in desperate need of forage. This service will continue over the coming weeks and is open to both Keenan customers and farmers who are not customers. At present most of the calls are coming from counties Armagh, Louth, Meath, Longford, Cork and Kerry.

Keenan are putting farmers with no mixer wagons in touch with neighbours who can do a mix of the available feed ingredients (cereals, molasses etc) to stretch their remaining silage with hay, straw etc. In addition to providing nutritional advice the In-Touch centre is preparing to meet the challenges that livestock farmers will face next winter and spring.

Where possible the Keenan team will be putting farmers planting forage maize, fodder beet, cereals or straw for sale in the autumn in contact with livestock farmers looking for energy feeds to carry them over the winter and maintain yields/live weight gain or just stretch their forage.

Free Farm Assessment from a Keenan Nutritionist
A free farm assessment (on a first come basis) is available to help farmers plan over the coming months. This will help farmers to plan for winter feed shortages and to optimise milk and beef production. All farmers wishing to avail of this service can contact the InTouch Centre on +353 (0)59 9101324.


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