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Stackyard News Dec 2012

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Silent Herdsman Goes Remote

Producers can now have heat detection information sent to their mobile phone, iPad or any tablet PC thanks to new developments in NMR’s Silent Herdsman heat detection system.

Up- to-date fertility information can be accessed on smartphones

accessed on smartphones

“Regular updates of cows showing signs of heats can now be accessed on mobile phones or I-pads,” says NMR’s field manager Jonathan Davies. “This is really convenient for staff as they work around the farm but it is equally valuable if they are off-site. Providing there’s an internet connection and the device is linked to the Silent Herdsman system – which is easy to do - the details can be accessed immediately – in the UK or abroad.”

Silent Herdsman users typically pick up vital information on heats or fertility issues on the touch screen monitor in the dairy. But the next step, where the information can be accessed ‘off site;’ is especially valuable to users.

“It means that staff can keep an eye out for heats without being near the cows or in the office. It’s also possible for the breeding consultant or AI technician to get this information.”

Silent Herdsman 2.7 brings big advances in communications. Data picked up on the farm PC from cow collars can be relayed via the PC monitor and through the Internet to smartphones, tablets and, with authority, third-party computers. Up to three people can be emailed with live alerts of cows when they are on heat. Information is updated every 20 minutes, 24/7.

New reports have also been added to the latest Silent Herdsman including service history, and service, PD lists and expected calving dates.

All users of Silent Herdsman will received the updated version and all newly installed systems will include version 2.7.

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