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Stackyard News Aug 06

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Landini Overhaul Landpower Tractors

Landini’s mid-range six-cylinder tractors have been overhauled with new features for improved performance and operator convenience. They include a ‘power boost’ feature for pto and transport work on two models, a repositioned fuel tank for easier refilling and improved visibility to the rear, and changes in cab build to give drivers more headroom and improved external lighting.

Landini's new Landpower has added performance and driver convenience features.

Landini’s new Landpower has added performance and driver convenience features

“The Landpower’s predecessor built a reputation as a lively, economical and relatively simple performer and buyers liked the way different specifications were packaged,” says Adrian Winnett of Landini UK. “It meant they could easily choose the best build for their needs, so we’ve kept that approach for the Landpower but added new features to enhance the overall appeal of the tractor.”

The Landini Landpower line-up comprises five models:

Model Engine Output Dual Power output * Specification packages available
125 TDI 118hp     - Techno, Top, Top-Tronic
135 TDI 134hp     - Techno, Top, Top-Tronic
145 TDI 146hp 155hp Techno, Top, Top-Tronic
165 TDI 163hp 173hp Techno, Top, Top-Tronic
185 TDI 184hp     - Top, Top-Tronic

* available for pto work and transport above 15kph; all power outputs to ISO

‘Techno’ versions of the Landpower have a synchro shuttle gearbox with 18 speeds forward and reverse and mechanical control of the 7000kg rear three-point linkage.

The ‘Top’ specification adds electronic operation of the linkage and draft control system and a 36x36 transmission produced by adding a two-speed electro-hydraulic ‘splitter’. Creep speeds are also available for this gearbox.

With the ‘Top-Tronic’ package, operators get the added convenience and time-saving that comes with an electro-hydraulic power shuttle, as well as three powershift speeds for the 36x36 base transmission that includes creep ratios.

Electronic engine
All five Landini Landpower tractors are powered by Perkins 1106-E60TA six-cylinder diesel engines with electronically-controlled fuel injection giving fast response to changing load.

A ‘cruise control’ function enables the operator to dial in the engine revs needed to achieve a particular ground or power take-off speed and the control system will then maintain those revs, within limits, regardless of fluctuations in load by adjusting the engine fuelling. This provides more consistent operating and pto speeds for spraying, fertiliser spreading and similar work across undulating land.

Dual Power
For added performance when powering pto-driven implements or towing a trailer or spreader on the road, the Landpower 145 TDI and Landpower 165 TDI come with Dual Power as standard with the Top and Top-Tronic specification.

“This feature changes the engine’s fuel injection control system to deliver more power,” explains Landini technical specialist Tony Burgess. “The operator doesn’t have to switch on the system, the extra power becomes available automatically whenever the pto comes under load or the tractor exceeds 15kph in one of the transport gears.”

For draft work, the 145 TDI model’s engine develops 146hp, whereas for pto and transport work, up to 155hp is available, along with a similar increase in torque, for livelier performance. Similarly, the 165 TDI’s maximum output increases from 163hp to 173hp when Dual Power is active.

Landini suspension
Operators can make the most of this extra power by adding Landini’s own-design front axle suspension to the tractor and having the transmission configured for 50kph.

“The tractors already have excellent performance from the front and rear axle brakes,” notes Tony Burgess. “When solid wheel centres and the front axle suspension are ordered, buyers can have 50kph gearing for no extra cost to enjoy shorter journey times or reduced running costs by driving with fewer revs on the clock for greater economy.”

The new front axle suspension design, which uses two vertical cylinders coupled to gas-filled oil accumulators acting as springs to provide 90mm of vertical movement. It is a simpler design requiring less maintenance than the independent wishbone suspension used before and can be operated in automatic or regulated by the driver to raise or lower the tractor’s front-end ride height.

Fuel tank and cab improved
Rotational moulding technology is used for the new fuel tank and cab roof assembly. The tank is now positioned beneath the cab platform instead of at the back of the cab to improve rearward visibility and allow it to be filled at ground level. It holds 260 litres of diesel whereas the previous design held 190 litres with additional capacity provided by an auxiliary tank.

The new cab roof provides a hatch window as before to give good upward visibility when using a loader and although it now houses the air conditioning/heater unit previously located beneath the bonnet, driver headroom is increased and ventilation air flow improved. Outside, more powerful halogen work lights illuminate the area around the tractor more effectively.

Landini Landpower – list prices

Model                        Power                        Techno                Top                 Top-Tronic
125 TDI            118hp                                    £34,547            £38,636            £41,368
135 TDI            134hp                                    £36,504            £40,503            £43,236
145 TDI             146hp/155hp                      £38,935            £42,826            £45,559
165 TDI            163hp/173hp                       £42,185            £46,584            £49,317
185 TDI            184hp                                   n/a                      £50,838            £53,571

Techno: 18x18 synchro shuttle, mechanical three-point linkage control
Top: 36x36 synchro shuttle, 2-speed powershift, electronic linkage control
Top-Tronic: 36x36 power shuttle, plus 3-speed powershift, electronic linkage
Dual Power: Available only with Top and Top-Tronic specification
Front axle suspension: £2307 option on 125 TDI upwards with Top or Top-Tronic specification
50kph gearing: Available on 145 TDI upwards at no additional cost when solid wheel centres and front axle suspension are fitted.

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