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Stackyard News Jun 06

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Powermaster takes Landini tractors to new levels of performance

  • Three six-cylinder models with rated outputs of 176hp, 199hp, 214hp
  • Dual Power increases output to 199hp, 214hp and 228hp for pto work
  • Iveco 6.72-litre NEF engines with common rail fuel injection
  • Autopowershift transmission features eight powershift speeds
  • Landini front axle and cab suspension for added ride comfort
Landini Powermaster

‘Powermaster’ is the apt name given to a trio of high-performance four-wheel drive tractors that now lead the Landini tractor range. With electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection, Dual Power releasing extra muscle for pto work and a transmission giving the driver access to eight powershift speeds in each of four ranges, the tractors are indeed masters of power.

“These are undoubtedly the most sophisticated tractors assembled in Landini’s Fabbrico factory in Italy,” emphasises Adrian Winnett of Landini UK. “They take our range to a new level and will have great appeal among contractors, big grass farmers and, in particular, arable growers.”

The distinctive-looking Powermaster tractors have latest-specification Iveco NEF (New Engine Family) diesel engines beneath their shapely one-piece bonnets. They are installed as stressed members with a reinforced sump to keep the tractors as compact as possible and to make maximum use of under-bonnet space for an efficient and easily accessible cooling package.

The 6.72-litre, 24-valve engines have common rail fuel injection with full-feature electronic control, which not only helps them run economically but also with exhaust emissions that meet the next level (Euro 3a / US Tier 3) of emissions control regulations in Europe.

Electronic functions include ‘cruise control’, which sets a required engine speed that the fuel injection system will maintain, within limits, as the load on the tractor fluctuates, and driver-programmed working and headland engine speeds selected by a rocker switch for easy manoeuvring.

In addition, the fuel injection control system’s Dual Power feature automatically senses when the power take-off is operating under load and adjusts the fuelling system to release additional muscle.

For draft and transport operations, the Powermaster 180’s engine develops 176hp but for pto work with the Dual Power function activated it has up to 199hp available – a 23hp or 13% increase with a similar increase in the amount of torque. The Powermaster 200 normally develops 199hp but gains up to 15hp (a 7.5% increase) for an output of 214hp with Dual Power, while the Powermaster 220 gets a 14hp or 6.5% boost from 214hp to 228hp.

“This feature is a real boon for operators who use their tractors with demanding pto implements, such as a forage harvester, a power tiller or bed former,” says Tony Burgess, Landini technical specialist. “It makes a real difference to the tractor’s overall performance and output.”

The Powermaster’s Autopowershift transmission complements the engine performance characteristics with a large number of easily accessible ratios, which encourages operators to fine-tune forward speeds for whatever work they are doing.

“All transmission functions are operated using a fixed joystick on the seat armrest,” explains Tony Burgess. “A single rocker switch gives sequential shifting up and down through all 32 forward speeds while separate buttons are used to move straight from one range to the next or engage automatic shifting between the eight speeds in the fourth range.”

The Auto Roading auto-shift feature leaves the driver to concentrate on the steering and brakes and is ‘intelligent’ in that it responds to driving style and load. With a light touch on the ‘throttle’ pedal, the gearbox up-shifts at an economical 1800rpm but when faster acceleration is required or a heavy load is involved, the transmission waits for full power and torque output at 2200rpm before shifting to the next gear.

Forward and reverse are selected by a paddle lever to the left of the steering wheel that also engages the optional transmission lock. This characteristic Landini feature physically holds the tractor in addition to the brakes for extra security when parked on a slope, especially with a heavily-laden trailer or spreader attached.

Bar axles are standard as part of the Powermaster’s heavy-duty final drive assembly while up front the axle is carried on Landini’s own electronically controlled suspension. This comprises a swinging cradle assembly, two vertical cylinders and gas-filled hydraulic accumulators to provide a compliant but controlled ride both on the road and in the field. Front and rear differential locks are engaged simultaneously with the press of a switch.

The Powermaster is also well equipped in the hydraulics department. Maximum output from the variable flow pump is 129-litre/min and up to 106-litre/min is available at each of the six spool valves – three manual with conventional lever operation and two electrically-operated.

“The electric valves are operated by a small joystick and have dials for flow and timing adjustment set into the armrest,” notes Tony Burgess. “These can be set-up to turn a plough at the headland with just a flick of a lever.”

These features are housed in a cab that gives operators a stylish and spacious place to work, with plenty of storage options, a fully upholstered buddy seat and first-class visibility fore and aft and through fully-glazed doors that fill either side of four-post structure.

Cab suspension for the first time on a Landini tractor works in conjunction with the front axle suspension to give the operator a more comfortable ride during long days in the seat.

The introduction of the Powermaster range signals significant redevelopment of the Landini range at the upper end of the power market.

“The Powermaster’s combination of features and advanced controls, and in particular the partnership of Iveco’s NEF engine with our Autopowershift transmission, makes the tractor a hard act to beat,” says Adrian Winnett. “We’re looking forward to revealing the tractor publicly at the Cereals Event and getting farmers’ reaction to what is the most advanced Landini product to date.”

Landini Power master – specifications summary

Engine:            Six-cylinder 6.72-litre Iveco NEF with electronically controlled common rail high pressure fuel injection

Power:                                                            Standard output            Dual Power
                                                                        for draft work                   for pto work

                                    Powermaster 180            176hp                           199hp
                                    Powermaster 200            199hp                            214hp
                                    Powermaster 220            214hp                            228hp

Transmission:            Autopowershift four-range, eight powershift gearbox plus power shuttle giving 32 forward, 24 reverse speeds or with optional creep 48 forward, 40 reverse. Electronic shifting through range and speed gears, programmable start-up and forward-reverse gears, range skip, speed matching and automatic shifting through eight powershifts in top range.

Hydraulics:            Variable flow pump, maximum output 130-litre/min delivering up to 106-litre/min at spool valves; three manual valves, two electrically-operated by seat-mounted joystick with flow and timing adjustment. Three-point linkage lift capacity 10,900kg maximum or 8100kg measured 610mm back from arm ends.

Power take-off:            Electro-hydraulic engagement of 540/1000rpm or 540E/1000rpm with reversible stub shaft giving choice of spline configurations.

Brakes:            Six-disc oil immersed brakes housed in rear axle with automatic four-wheel drive engagement; optional transmission lock for ultra-secure parking.

List prices:               Powermaster 180            £61,608
                                    Powermaster 200            £65,832
                                    Powermaster 220            £69,659

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