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Stackyard News Apr 06

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New hydraulic loaders give Landini tractors a lift

Eco – simple loader with manual levelling for Rex to Mythos models

Techno – mechanical self-levelling loader for Rex to Mythos tractors

TOP – full-spec hydraulic self-levelling loader for Powerfarm to Legend

landini tractor

A new range of hydraulic loaders from Landini includes sizes to fit every one of the Italian manufacturer’s farm tractors for the first time.

The Landini TurboLift range, which replaces the ProLift series, provides a choice of specifications to suit different needs and budgets. Features available include hydraulic self-levelling, anti-bounce boom suspension, fast-fit hydraulic connectors and joystick control.

“Previously, we’ve only offered loaders for the Powerfarm and Vision tractors because they are the size of tractor most commonly used for handling work,” says Adrian Winnett, Landini UK sales manager. “But if operators of other models want a loader, our dealers can now supply it; and as all Landini tractors come with a roof window as standard and can have powershuttle transmissions, they are well-suited to materials handling and loading work.”

Landini UK plans to hold a comprehensive stock of the most popular loader models at its base in Doncaster, South Yorkshire for immediate availability. Less common versions should be available within five to six weeks of a farmer ordering one.

Landini UK sales director Simeone Morra (left) presents the 'Dealer of the Year' award to Tony Newsham of T H Horn, the farm machinery business based at Cabus near Garstang, Lancs.

There are three levels of specification for each of the TurboLift loaders to suit the type of work they will tackle. ‘Eco’ is the simplest; ‘Techno’ adds mechanical self-levelling; ‘TOP’ has hydraulic self-levelling and increased performance. All versions have joystick operation and quick release implement couplings as standard, fitting brackets that support the loader from the front bolster to the rear axle, and double-acting hydraulic lift cylinders.

TurboLift Eco – this version comes with plain booms and purely manual control of the bucket, pallet tines or muck fork. ‘Genius’ anti-bounce suspension, hydraulic quick coupler and a third service hydraulic valve for operating a fork grab are optional.

This simple loader is available in sizes to suit the 59hp to 99hp Landini Rex compact fruit tractors, 67hp to 82hp low-profile Alpine, 59hp to 99hp Powerfarm, 80hp to 95hp Vision and 99hp and 110hp Mythos.

Full height lift capacity of the Model 20 for Powerfarm and Vision tractors is 1170kg, with a maximum lift of 1300kg from ground level. Lift height is 3.8m. Retail prices are from £3741 to £4098.

TurboLift Techno – this model has mechanical self-levelling so the attachment is less likely to spill its load. A third hydraulic service – for operating a grab on a silage fork, for example – is standard.

Available for the same Landini tractors as the Eco version, the Model 20 TurboLift Techno for the Powerfarm and Vision tractors has a full-height lift capacity of 1300kg to 3.8m pivot height, with a maximum lift from the ground of 1400kg. Retail prices are from £4192 to £4550.

TurboLift TOP – this is a bigger, more powerful loader with more substantial arms and larger lift cylinders. It is available for Landini tractors from the Powerfarm upwards, including 118hp to 163hp versions of the range-topping six-cylinder Legend.

A high level of standard equipment includes hydraulic self-levelling – which tends to give a more accurate parallel lift as well as faster attachment crowd and dump actions – a ‘bucket level’ indicator, ‘Genius’ hydro-pneumatic boom suspension, quick-coupling hydraulics and a third service hydraulic valve.

Full-height lift capacity of the Model 20 TurboLift TOP for Landini Powerfarm and Vision tractors is 1600kg to 3.8m pivot height, with a maximum lift from the ground of 1700kg. The Model 50 for the Landini Legend six-cylinder tractors lifts 2300kg to 4.4m and will power a 2600kg load off the ground.

Retail prices are from £5303 to £5764.

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