BSW Taps In to Domestic Acoustic Fence Panel Market

BSW Timber Group, the UK’s largest fully-integrated forestry company, has just unveiled a brand new domestic acoustic fence panel system.

As living areas across the country continue to get smaller, many people now look to their gardens for a bit more space – but noise pollution is an increasing concern.

Soundshield™ fence panels

Soundshield™ fence panels

Using their expertise in developing noise-reducing fence panels for motorways across the UK, BSW has developed Soundshield™ in a bid to curb noise pollution in residential environments. The cost-effective solution has been proven to reduce noise levels by 22 decibels in independent laboratory tests.

The lightweight panels are installed as modules for convenience and can even fit between existing posts, which makes it easy to replace old fence panels if you want to give your garden a fresher look.

Horizontal fence boards ensure that the modular panels blend into one another seamlessly and utilising both sides of the panel creates a run that is aesthetically attractive from any angle.

Soundshield™ fence panels use timber from responsibly managed forests and are the latest investment from a company which continues to demonstrate its commitment to the UK fencing sector.

David Chapman, Sales and Marketing Director for BSW Timber, said:
“We recognise that this is a fast-growing market and that there is a requirement for these products across the UK as people re-evaluate their living spaces.

“Progress in technology is to be welcomed and most residents these days like a bit more peace and quiet. We feel we have designed and invested in a product which will not only enhance the look of gardens but also reduce noise levels coming from external sources.

“We’ve worked hard to design a system that looks great in any environment but one that can be installed by anyone in only a few steps.”

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