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MF Introduces World’s First 200hp Four-cylinder Tractor

Massey Ferguson is pleased to announce it is setting a new standard with the introduction of the MF 6700 S Series, which includes the world’s first 200hp, four-cylinder agricultural tractor.

Its unrivalled four-cylinder power, manoeuvrability and agility puts the MF 6700 S in a class of its own. Massey Ferguson’s new ‘S Effect’ takes maximum four-cylinder engine output to 200hp (with Engine Power Management) for the first time in the MF 6718 S, which along with five other new models, will be introduced at Innov-Agri, Outerville, France.

MF 6718 S

MF 6718 S

The compact, powerful engine, a 2.67m wheelbase and a turning radius of just 4.75m also makes the MF 6718 S the most manoeuvrable 200hp agricultural tractor. With an exceptional power to weight ratio, the tractor combines the highest performance with optimum economy.

Light and nimble for loader operations, the MF 6700 S Series also provides the strength, hydraulic power and lift capacity for heavy duty fieldwork.

The six new models in the MF 6700 S Series are powered by the very latest AGCO Power 4.9 litre, four-cylinder engine. This generates maximum powers from 120hp to 175hp, with Engine Power Management (EPM), boosting output on all models - up to 200hp on the largest, MF 6718 S.

“Massey Ferguson invented the concept of the high power, four-cylinder tractor, with the original MF 6600 breaking new ground and creating a completely new class of 150hp+ tractors. Now, with the ‘S effect’ we are further advancing performance this sector up to 200hp on the MF 6718 S,” says Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Director Marketing Services.

“The advanced engine develops its maximum power at just 2,000rpm and generates maximum torque at 1,500rpm, which means it delivers exceptional fuel economy combined with superb pulling power – and with plenty in reserve. This provides users with the operating benefits associated with larger, longer and heavier six cylinder tractors, but in a compact and extremely light machine,” he adds.

“The only comparison with the MF 6600 Series is its looks. The MF 6700 S Series contains considerable changes and new developments in engine design, transmission choice, hydraulic output, four-speed PTO and superb cab comfort,” he adds.

Massey Ferguson MF 6700 S Series

MF 6718 S

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MF 6700 S features:

  • MF 6718 S is the world’s first four-cylinder agricultural tractor to deliver 200hp with Engine Power Management (EPM) – creating a completely new power class

  • Latest AGCO POWER four cylinder, 4.9 litre engine generates exceptional torque and maximum powers from 120hp to 175hp. Engine Power Management (EPM) increases power by up to 25hp on all models - to 200hp on the MF 6718 S

  • Maintenance-free, straightforward system improves efficiency and reduces emissions to comply with Stage IV (Tier 4 final) regulations

  • Tightest turning radius on a 200hp agricultural tractor

  • Compact chassis and short wheelbase with curved chassis and Integrated Front Linkage System (IFLS) combine manoeuvrability with strength and stability

  • Unrivalled transmission choice includes Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission available from 130hp, as well as award-winning Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmissions

  • Versatile four-speed PTO with electrical speed selection

  • Greater lift capacity – up to 9,600kg to handle heavy implements

  • Higher hydraulic capability - up to 190 litres/min flow and the ability to use up to eight spool valves  

  • Integrated and factory-fitted front sub-frame for straightforward loader installation

  • Ultimate operator environment with new active mechanical suspension, superb visibility, ergonomic control layout, colour dashboard and Set-up and Information Screen (SIS)

  • Trelleborg Progressive Traction tyres are a unique factory-fit option that further boost productivity

  • Straightforward Fuse Technologies including Auto-Guide 3000 guidance system with GO-Mode and AgCommand telemetry for full work monitoring.

Advanced engines deliver high power and optimum economy

The MF 6700 S is powered by a new 4.9 litre, four-cylinder AGCO POWER engine, which delivers exceptional power and torque for high performance at lower engine speeds.

Maximum power is developed at a low 2,000rpm, for optimum economy.

Engine Power Management (EPM), which is available on all models and across all transmission choices, boosts power by up to 25hp, taking the top model, the MF 6718 S to 200hp - making it the most powerful four-cylinder tractor on the market.

High levels of torque are generated at just 1,500rpm, delivering immense pulling power, which is further boosted by EPM. This is particularly useful for transport duties, allowing the tractors to pull away with heavy loads and maintain momentum on the road.

The engine complies with the strict Stage IV (Tier 4 final) emission regulations using a maintenance free, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) system with an electronic waste-gated turbocharger.

The straightforward and compact design houses the catalysers in the oval-shaped exhaust, and the DOC under the bonnet. There is no need for an additional, large cooling package ensuring the MF 6700 S tractors continue to offer superb visibility to the front and sides.

On top of the engine’s optimum fuel economy and the maintenance free emission regulation system, running costs are further reduced by the 600hr service intervals - 20% longer than previous designs.

Wide transmission choice

The MF 6700 S series is available with a choice of Massey Ferguson’s leading transmission technology and all now are also available on tractors with the EPM boost.

For the first time, the continuously variable Dyna-VT is now available from the 130hp MF 6713 S model upwards. This delivers ultimate control and economy by providing precise regulation of forward speed, while minimising the engine rpm ensuring the tractor always operates at optimum efficiency and economy.

The latest 40km/hr Eco Dyna-4 transmission now offers further efficiency providing 40 km/hr at engine speeds as low as 1,850rpm.

Dyna-6 and Dyna-4 transmissions now provide an AutoDrive pedal mode. In the ‘Automatic’ setting this changes gears automatically, according to the engine load and speed. As well easing operation, this also selects the best setting for performance and fuel economy.

Power, agility and economy

Built on a 2.67m wheelbase, the MF 6700 S tractors weigh 500kg less than their equivalent six cylinder models. Coupled with their powerful engines, this produces an unrivalled power to weight ratio that results in a light footprint and optimum economy.

The MF 6718 S offers tightest turns available from a 200hp agricultural tractor. This is thanks to its compact design and sculpted front frame delivering a turning radius of just 4.75m, even when fitted with the Integrated Front Linkage System (IFLS).

Massey Ferguson’s Speedsteer increases the steering ratio, minimising the number of steering wheel turns needed to make a turn. This increases efficiency making headland turns faster and easier.

Unique Trelleborg tyre option

The exclusive Trelleborg Progressive Traction TM700 and TM800 tyre option further improves performance by efficiently transferring the MF 6700 S tractors’ power and torque to the ground.

Tested to the extreme in the Antarctica2 expedition, which took a standard MF 5610 wheeled tractor to the South Pole, these tyres are proven to improve driver comfort, boost output, reduce soil compaction and cut fuel consumption.

Versatile PTO systems

Depending on model, buyers can choose from a wide PTO speed choice, including 540/1000rpm with a flanged PTO and 6/21 spline shafts at all levels.

Electronic control is standard for Dyna-VT versions. The standard Eco PTO can be specified with mechanical lever or full electronic controls on Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmission tractors.

Hydraulics to handle complex implements

Hydraulics on the MF 6700 S range are designed to handle the demands of modern implements with ease, as well as providing the flow and power for fast, efficient loader operations.

Flowrates of up to 190 litres/min are available from the load-sensing system, which delivers the capacity to control even the most complex implements.

Up to five rear hydraulic valves can be specified on all Dyna-VT models, and all rear couplers are equipped with decompression levers, which make it faster and easier to connect-up machines.

Front-mounted implements are catered for with up to two independent front hydraulic valves plus a dedicated front linkage valve.

A new rear power beyond installation is ideal for high-tech hydraulically driven implements equipped with independent flow control valves, such as potato planters and sugar beet harvesters.

Powerful, modern rear linkage

Rear linkage lift capacity is up to 9,600kg on Dyna-VT models (compared with 8,600kg on the MF 6600 Series), which handles heavier, high capacity implements with Massey Ferguson’s renowned electronic linkage control (ELC) providing easy operation.

The ultimate loader tractor

The compact dimensions, power, visibility and high hydraulic capacity make the MF 6700 S the perfect loader tractor, with the addition of the Visioline roof option offering an unrivalled view when loading at height.

Massey Ferguson’s 900 front loader can now be specified with a third, ‘live’ service, a clever addition to the loader hydraulic control that enables the operator to open/close a grab and tip or crowd an implement at the same time.

Tractors can be ordered ‘Loader-Ready’, requiring just the fitting of the loader beams and implement.

Excellent cab comfort

MF 6700 S operators benefit from the same space and cab comfort that is proven on the existing MF 7700 and MF 5700 SL ranges.

These are now equipped with a new active mechanical cab suspension, with Continuous Damping Control (CDC) for the ultimate comfort, both in the field and on the road. This reduces heave/pitch and roll movements, reacting according to vehicle behaviour to provide optimum comfort to match all terrains and conditions.

Inside, the cabs include the same clear, colour dashboard as the range-topping MF 8700 as well as the new Set Up and Information System (SIS), which offers a fast and easy way to set and monitor machine functions.

Straightforward FUSE technologies

New Factory fitted Technology Pack Option including Autoguide 3000 and free of charge C3000 Touch Screen if ordered before 31st December 2016

MF 6700 S tractors benefit from Fuse Technologies’ straightforward and dependable electronic control and monitors, which deliver higher productivity, ease of use and profitability through higher yields and lower input costs.

Auto-Guide 3000 enhances economy by reducing overlaps and misses, providing straightforward operation with its easy to set GO-Mode function. This feature ensures all operators can easily make best use of technology.

Alternatively, customers can choose the C3000, 12in colour touch screen, which, if ordered before December 31st 2016, is now supplied free of charge on tractors specified with the new factory-fitted Technology Package option in certain markets.

This multi-function terminal is a complete precision farming package. It not only runs Massey Ferguson’s Auto-Guide 3000 automatic steering, but will also control ISOBUS compatible implements, map and record operations as well as provide Auto-Section control and variable rate applications.

All MF 6700 S tractors are equipped with ISOBUS compatible terminals, allowing the tractor’s own screen to provide straightforward ‘plug-in and play’ control and operation of a wide range of ISO-compliant implements.

The AgCommand telemetry system is now factory fitted. This comprehensive system allows owners and manages to monitor machine performance and optimise their fleet usage.

Massey Ferguson

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