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Dual Fuel Portable Milking Machine Launch

A leading agricultural company has launched a dual-fuel, portable dairy cow milking machine, which can save farmers time and improve herd health. The Mini Milker is being offered by Lancashire-based company, G Shepherd Animal Health.

The benefits are:

  • Improved colostrum management.

  • No need to take the new-calved cow to the parlour, saving time and reducing risk of the cow slipping.

  • Ability to milk “off-grid,” for example, downer cows or at a show.

Mini Milker

Mini Milker

“Our Mini Milker allows colostrum to be taken quickly and efficiently from the cow, within minutes of her giving birth,” explains Dr Shepherd, who is the owner of G Shepherd Animal Health and is also a vet. “This means that farmers do not have to wait until the next milking to collect colostrum or spend time and cause stress, by moving a newly- calved cow into the parlour.

“All producers are aware of the importance of ensuring that newborn calves receive a supply of colostrum as soon as possible, because its quality decreases by 3% for each hour after birth,” he adds. “Therefore, the colostrum quality of a cow that calves at 7pm and is not milked until the next morning will have been diminished by more than 35%.”

The Mini Milker comes with a pulsator unit, a stainless-steel, 40-litre churn and a 22-litre vacuum reserve tank. The machine’s two large wheels make it very easy to manoeuvre.

For maximum versatility, G Shepherd Animal Health’s Mini Milker can operate on electricity or petrol, although the company can also supply an electricity-only version. Both machines run off a 13amp/230-volt supply, to operate a single-phase electric motor at 1,450rpm. The dual-fuel version is supplied ready to work off petrol and the switchover to electric operation takes approximately five minutes.

Mini Milker Machine Specifications
Mono-phase electric motor - works off a 13amp plug
Petrol engine – 6.5hp, four-stroke engine
Engine runs at just above tick-over, to minimise noise.

G Shepherd Animal Health

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