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Amazone Amatron 3 goes Isobus

The new Amatron 3 Isobus terminal will replace Amazone’s existing Amatron+.

More than 30,000 Amatron+ have been sold over the previous few years and like Amatron+, Amatron 3 is a machine-overlapping operator terminal for Amazone fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and seed drills.

GPS-Switch has now been extended to seed drills for reduced seed wastage on headlands

GPS-Switch has now been extended to seed drills for reduced seed wastage on headlands

New, in addition to the existing software licences: GPS-Switch and GPS-Track, is GPS-Maps. Plus, thanks to the Isobus standard, all ISOBUS compatible machinery from other manufacturers can also be operated via Amatron 3. It is also downward-compatible with all existing Amatron+ systems out there in the market and maintains that well-known simple and intuitive operation.

Alongside its use for machine control and monitoring, Amatron 3 offers the possibility to operate three additional optional functions within the one terminal. These include GPS-Switch, the automatic headland and part-width section control for fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and now also for seed drills.

Also, the light bar based GPS-Track parallel steering aid makes sure that the full width of the machine is utilised – for instance, when carrying out pre-emergence work or on grassland to avoid overlaps.

The third function is GPS-Maps; this is the new tool for handling variable rate application maps directly in the field.

Whether it’s the simple switching over between the individual functions or matching the level of sophistication to one’s personal needs – Amatron 3 features a huge range of services. And although Amatron 3 offers more flexibility than the out-going Amatron+, it still is a terminal easy to operate and, at the same time, favourably priced.


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