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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 5,406 sheep comprising of 3,169 prime hoggs and 2,237 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 6th February 2020.


Light to 270.0p (238.9p)
Standard to 335.0p (245.2p)
Medium to 325.0p (238.2p)
Heavy to 277.0p (226.5p)

Light to £93.00 (£63.49)
Heavy to £185.00 (£98.58)

Rams £146.00 (£95.22)

An improved entry of cast cows continued to meet a brisk trade, with more required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at £1,053 for a Limousin cow from G Famelton, Horseholme, Gilsland, who sold others to 130p and 128p per kilo also for Limousins. Belted Galloways to 112p from Hoscote Estate, Hawick.

Longtown sheep ring

Prime hoggs (3,169) were well short of buyer’s requirements, selling to average 235.4p (SQQ 240.1p), which was 9p up on the week. Again, many more could easily have been sold.

Best export hoggs sold well above 300p per kilo and to a top of 335p for Beltex hoggs from B Ryder, Newton Cottage, Moffat.

Commercial hoggs all sold between 230-250p per kilo. Another marvelous show of 926 heavy hoggs met an outstanding trade, with a top of £140 for Texel hoggs from CD Scott, Falla, Jedburgh and for Suffolk hoggs from Messrs Hepburn & Co., North House, Hawick.

Light hoggs were a massive trade and short of requirements with numbers for this section short of requirements, selling to £84 for 31kg Beltex hoggs from Messrs M & J Kennedy, Lurgan, Aberfeldy.


Beltex 335p Newton Cottage, 325p Dunjop, 322p Newton Cottage.  

Texel 300p, 292p West Wharmley, 286p Newton Cottage, 281p Thornton Tower.

Cheviot 257p Ifferdale, 248p, 247p Gillesbie Farms, 247p Maidencots & Maryholm.  

Suffolk 256p Keepwic, 253p Tinnishall, 247p, 243p Thornington, 243p Archerbeck.

Herdwick 250p, 244p Powheads, 244p Chapel House, 239p Riggshield.   

Blackface 248p Rowanburnfoot, 245p Springwells, 241p Killipol, 237p Horseholme.  

Swaledale 247p Keepwick, 228p, 216p Breckon Hill.

Cheviot Mule 243p High Dovecote, 223p Kirkbride, 220p Catslackburn.   

Charollais 241p Maryholm, 238p Westernhopeburn.   

Mule 238p Kirkhouse, 235p Killipol, 234p Langholm & Thornton Tower.

North Country Cheviot 226p Oldfield, 209p Grindon Hill.      

Kerry 222p Riggshield.  


Texel £140 Falla, £138 Gallowberry, £137 Dunjop, £135 West Wharmley, £134 Dunjop.

Suffolk £140 North House, £135 West Wharmley, £130 West End.   

Beltex £133 Newton Cottage, £132 Dunjop, £131 Newton Cottage, £130 Dunjop.

Border Leicester £131, £125 Silloans.

Cheviot £125 The Land, £119 High Priorscales, £117 The Land, £116.50 Whitecroft Mains.  

Mule £124 Haresgill Cottage, £121 Gallowberry, £112 Kirkhouse, £110 Thornton Tower.

Charollais £114 Knowe.  

Blackface £113 Cowburnrigg, £112 Edges Green, £108 Barlaes.  

Zwartble £111 Achalone Croft.   

Kerry £107 Riggshield.  

Cheviot Mule £106 Raggetsyke.

North Country Cheviot £98, £95 Oldfield, £90 Grindon Hill.

Swaledale £95 Westernhopeburn, £89 Breckon Hill, £84 Keepwick.  

Herdwick £93 Chapel House, £91 Riggshield.

The 2,237 cast ewes and rams forward attracted the usual buyers. Trade again very strong with all classes firmer on the week as numbers were short of buyer’s requirements. 650 ewes sold at £100 and over to average £120.75.

Top price of £185 for a pen of Texel ewes from C & I Angus, Oldfield, Thurso. Hill ewes to £93 for Cheviot ewes from LM Laing, Tarrasfoot, Langholm and for Blackface ewes from B Cheesbrough, Lanehead, Kirkcambeck. Rams sold to a top of £146 for Texels shown by WH & M Sisson, Fenton Farm, Brampton.


Texel £185 Oldfield, £177 Nether Stenries, £174 Orchardton Mains, £173 Orton Rigg.

Charollais £144 Heatherglen, £126 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £138, £130 Nether Stenries, £127 Whinney Brow, £125 Beckfoot & Oldfield.   

Beltex £130, £116 Heatherglen, £116 Lairdlaugh, £114 Orton Rigg.

North Country Cheviot £117 Whins, £99 South Riccalton, Beckfoot, East Durran, West Watten & Marygate, £96 Nether Stenries.  

Cheviot Mule £105 High Stenries & Orchardton Mains, £100 Gorton Field Head, £99 Nether Stenries & High Stenries.

Mule £105 Nethertofts, £104 Williamoteswick, £99 Burnfoot & Sceugh Dyke, £98 Marygate & Jennets Hill.   

Bluefaced Leicester £103 Raggetsyke, £99 Drumgrange, £93 Blakelaw.  

Zwartble £92 Gate & West Farm.

Romney £85 Golden Lane.     

Dorset £82 Haregill Cottage.

Lleyn £81 Golden Lane.

Masham £90 Gate & West Farm.


Blackface £93 Lanehead, £87 Rowanburnfoot, £81 Brackenthwaite, £80 High Staward & Cowburnrigg.

Cheviot £93 Tarrasfoot, £90 Cadgillhead, £89 Tarrasfoot, £87 North House.

Swaledale £77 Blakelaw, £64 Monk Farm, Marygate & Spoutbank, £60 The Bog.

Jacob £73 Brisco Meadows, £70 Golden Lane.  

Goat £73, £70 Monk Farm.

Herdwick £68 West Clyth, £60 Monk Farm.

Shetland £58 Golden Lane & Dallowie.


Texel £146 Fenton, £140 Orchardton Mains, £137 Fenton, £135 Nether Stenries.

Beltex £138 Fenton, £118 Lingey Field, £112 Stanley House.

Suffolk £134 West Wharmley, £129 Falla.

Bleu du Maine £128 Beckfoot.

Bluefaced Leicester £117 Blakehopeburnhaugh, £109 High Burnfoot, £106 The Bog.  

Charollais £116 Tinnishall & Golden Lane, £112 Heatherglen.

Cheviot £115 Mount Benger, £105 Nether Stenries, £104 Glendiven Cottage.

North Country Cheviot £102 Mainside, £98 South Riccalton.

Blackface £98 Blakehopeburnhaugh, £92 Horseholm.

longtown mart

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