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Lockerbie North Country Cheviot Park Ram Sale

The Annual Show & Sale of North Country Cheviot Park Rams at Lockerbie on Wednesday 18th September 2019 saw an abundance of buyers from all parts of the UK and Ireland.

A fantastic show of rams resulted in a strong clearance rate and an average price of £996 which was again up on the year and saw a total of 17 rams sell for £2000 or more.

Top Price £6000

Top Price £6000

The judge for the day was Mr Innes Graham of Carruthers who did an excellent and efficient job in picking the Overall Champion from Messrs Allen, Stouphill which went on to sell for an impressive £5000. This was Humbleheugh X17677 sired by Humbleheugh Vlad and out of a homebred ewe by Ericstane Kermit.

Top price of the day was for another brilliant ram this time from Messrs Thompson, Hownam Grange which sold for £6000 This was Hownam Grange X Factor sired by Gilston 11532.

161 NCC Park Rams £995.71

Prize List
1st  WD Allen, Stouphill, Humbleheugh Farm, Alnwick  £5000
2nd  Jane Jackson, Ericstane, Annan Water, Moffat £3500
3rd G Davies & Partners, North Synton, Selkirk  £3500

Champion WD Allen
Reserve Champion  Jane Jackson.

Leading prices:
£6000, £3000, £1600 Hownam Grange, £5500, £3500, £3000, £1400, £1200, £1200, £900, £800(x3) North Synton Farm, £5000(x2), £2800, £2500, £1800, £1700, £800 Stouphill, £5000, £1500, £800 Boghead of Greenhill, £4000, £1600, £1500(x2) Allanshaws, £3500 Ericstane, £3000 Sebay Cottage, £2600, £1500, £1000 Soutra Mains, £2400 Townfoot, £2200 Gospel Hall, £2000 Philiphaugh Estate, £1800, £900 Belmaduthy, £1800 High Fodderlee, £1600, £1200, £1100, £1000(x2), £1000 Dalmakethar Farm, £1600, £1400, £1300, £1000(x2) Larkhall Farm, £1400 Gilston Farm, £1400, £1000, £1000(x2) Carruthers Farm, £1000 Townfoot, £1000, £900 Wester Dunnet, £870 Nun Cote Nook Farm, £800 Kinaldy Farm.

NC Cheviot

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