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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,190 sheep comprising of 3,031 prime lambs and 4,159 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 19th September 2019.



Light to           170.0p (158.9p) 
Standard to      227.0p (169.2p) 
Medium to      216.0p (164.0p) 
Heavy to         187.0p (160.2p)
Overweight to 154.0p (142.8p)

Light to           £69.00 (£37.25) 
Heavy to         £168.00 (£69.97)

Rams £158.00 (£82.16)

Cast cows were short of requirements but continued to sell at recent rates with more required on a weekly basis. Sale topped at 132p for Herefords from A Taylor & Sons, Hopestead, Eyemouth, who sold others at 125p. Limousin cows topped at 129p, 125p and 121p from TN & F Cowan, The Ash, Roadhead, who also topped the price per head at £954 and £937.

Longtown sheep ring

3,031 prime lambs met a similar trade to last week. Lambs with flesh were good to sell which isn’t reflected in the averages as many lambs are coming forward short of meat.

Top price per kilo of 227p for Beltex lambs from E & RE Eastham, Longburgh Fauld, Carlisle.

Top price per head of £95 also for Beltex lambs shown by JA Gracie & Sons, Byreburnside, Canonbie.

Overall average 163.8p (SQQ 165.2p)


Belt 227p Longburgh Fauld, 216p Byreburnside, 211p Killocraw.   

Tex 208p Byreburnside, 200p High Mossthorn, 198p Killocraw.         

Suff 181p Wallend, 169p High Tirfergus, 168p Frankstown & Redgate Head.

Mill Bleu 181p Stanley House.

Chev 179p Monk, 176p Oaklands, 174p Monk.   

Chev Mule 167p Longburgh Fauld, 165p, 161p Keith.  

BF 161p Catslackburn,

Mule 159p The Bungalow, 156p Trailtrow, 154p Minsca.       


Belt £95 Byreburnside, £91.50 Crawthat, £91 Killocraw.   

Tex £94 Byreburnside, £90 Castlehills & Holmhead, £86.50 Greenburn.   

Suff £82 Hallburn & Greenburn, £81.50 Fenton, £80 Tarrasfoot.  

Chev £82 Catslackburn, £75 Rowan Croft, £74 High Tirfergus.  

Char £82 Catslackburn.   

Mule £80 Trailtrow, £72.50 Horsley Hill, £71.50 Mount Farm.      

Mill Bleu £78 Stanley House.

Chev Mule £76.50 Kirk House, £76, £75 Kirkbride.  

BF £66, £64 Allensgreen, £64 Sewing Shields & Minsca.

4,159 cast ewes and rams were forward. Good heavy Texel ewes were a flying trade whilst hill ewes were slightly easier following the national trend.

Sale topped at £168 for Texel ewes from Harehead Farms, Cranshaws, Duns with hill ewes to £69 for Cheviots shown by R & A Mackintosh, Glengolly, Thurso. Texel rams to £158 from A & HC Smith, Crumhaughhill, Hawick.


Tex £168 Harehead, £165 Viewley, £158 Oldfield.    

Suff £130 Skelfhill, £112 Tathill Cottage.

Belt £120 Newton Cottage, £95 Comlongun Mains Cottage, £92 Finnieness.   

Char £105 Viewley.     

BFL £90 Grindon Hill, £84 The Throp, £82 Finnieness.

Chev Mule £88 Aspatria Hall.  

NCC £82 Oldfield.      

Mule £75 West Brims, £70 Whitton, £68 Firth.

Romney £67 Saughland.


Chev £69 Glengolly

BF £66, £59 Kellah,  

Swale £54, £45 Whitton, £42 Waterhead of Dryfe, Baggarah & The Throp.

Lleyn £50 Sharplaw.  

EC £46 Aspatria Hall, £44 Mossfennan, £40 Carterton.   


Tex £158, £142 Crumhaughhill, £126 Sharplaw.

Belt £120, £100 Newton Cottage, £100 Kirk House.  

NCC £90 Oldfield.

BFL £90 Wanwood Hill.   

BF £65 Shitlington Hall.

longtown mart

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