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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 1,408 prime lambs, 694 prime hoggs and 1,823 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 6th June 2019.


Light to 231.3p (216.2p)
Standard to 245.8p (213.6p)
Medium to 253.0p (208.5p)
Heavy to 220.4p (202.4p)
Overweight to 200.0p (191.0p)

Light to 210.0p (150.1p)
Standard to 200.0p (165.9p)
Medium to 189.0p (159.1p) 
Heavy to 174.0p (149.8p)

Shearlings to 172.0p (141.0p)

Light to £70.00 (£49.38) 
Heavy to £155.00 (£82.66)

Rams to £128.00 (£76.99)

Cast cows again selling at recent rates with more required on a weekly basis. Sale topped at £1,062 for a Limousin shown by JF & SJ MacDonald, Ladyhousteads, Canonbie with Limousin bulls to £1,047 from H Cooper Ltd, D’Mainholm, Newcastleton. Angus cows sold to £966 from TN Cavers & Co., Sorbie, Langholm. Top price per kilo of 170p from Ladyhousesteads with other Limousins to 138p from S Dalton, Greenside, Hallbankgate and Angus to 130p from D’Mainholm.

Longtown sheep ring

The 1,408 spring lambs forward were an increased entry being double last year’s supplies. Given the last two days, trade was much better than anticipated with buyers strong for supplies. SQQ 209.5p, overall average 208.2.

Top price per head of £130 for Suffolks shown by JW Lundy, Mid Upper Priestside, Cummertrees with top price per kilo 253p for Texel lambs from CJ Roots, Kilnford Croft, Dumfries, with the majority making between 220-240p for quality lambs and many more could easily be sold to vendors advantage.

Tex 253p, 245p, 241p Kilnford Croft.
Bel 238p Gallowberry.
Suff 224p Arkleby House, 221p Sowerby Wood, 217p Cambeckhill.
BDM 210p Sanderson House.
Char 202p, 201p Leapsrigg, 200p Mid Upper Priestside.
Berr 202p Sceugh Dyke.
Oxf 200p Riddings Hill.

Suff £130 Mid Upper Priestside, £99.50 Sowerby Wood, £99 Drumburn.
Tex £112 Beck, £108 Sowerby Wood, £106 Kimmeter Green & Arkleby House.
Char £106 Mid Upper Priestside.
Oxf £100 Riddings Hill.
Bel £93 Gallowberry.
BDM £92.50 Sanderson House.

An end of season show of prime hoggs saw meaty and heavy hoggs remaining a good to sell with all others at realistic prices. Overall average 156.7p (SQQ 161.6p).

Top price per head of £114 for Texel hoggs from CP White, Moorfoot Cottage, Heriot, with top price per kilo 210p for Beltex hoggs shown by Claremont Poroperties, Hayclose, Calthwaite.

Bel 210p Hayclose, 194p Sornfallow.
Chev 200p Hayclose, 174 Broomhills, 172p The Mark.
Tex 199p Hayclose, 174p Broomhills, 172p The Mark.
Suff 180p The Mark, 172p Port o Spittal, 172p, 170p Broomhills.
BF 173p Orchard Mains.
Mule 158p Burnhouse, 157p Shield Farm, 155p Far Howe.
Chev Mule 154p Shawhill.
Swale 147p Shield Farm, 141p Peasemyres.

Tex £114 Moorfoot Cottage, £94 Dundraw, £90 Bidlake.
Berr £86 Sceugh Dyke.
Bel £85 Broomhills, £80 Glebelands.
Char £85 Glebelands.
Suff £81 Broomhills, £80 Sceugh Dyke.
Mule £75 Peasemyres & Mallsgate Hall.
Chev £73 Broomhills, £70 Skelfhill.
BF £70 Catslackburn.

The 1,823 cast ewes and rams were a similar entry on the week, with all buyer’s present trade was slightly firmer although over fat ewes still hard to cash. Best Beltex and Texels sold at a premium. 328 ewes sold at £100 and over to average £124.30 with an overall average of £78.06.
Top price of £155 for Texel ewes from A & C Watson, Sanderson House, Whitehaven, with hill ewes to £70 for Blackfaces from Beckfoot and rams to £128 for Texels from Bidlake.

Tex £155 Sanderson House, £154 Arkleby House, £152 Ward Hall Guards.
Bel £135 Wood Farm & Burgh Head, £131 Wood Farm.
Suff £132 Kilnford Croft, £110 Beckfoot, £108 Kilnford Croft.
Char £119 Beckfoot, £117 Chaseside, £116 Satchells.
BDM £102 Ward Hall Guards.
Mill Bleu £96 Hayclose.
Chev Mule £92 Abbeymoss.
NCC £89 Sornfallow, £85 Chaseside & Beckfoot.
Mule £81 Minsca, £80 Shawhill, £76 Hilltop & Latterford.
Bord Leic £80 Golden Lane.

BF £70 Beckfoot, £62 Roses Bower, £61 Fala Hill.
Chev £68 Golden Lane, £67 Crookston, £65 Satchells.
Swale £58 Spoutbank, £51 Hepplehill.
Herd £50 Hayclose.

Tex £128 Bidlake, £118 Ward Hall Guards & Viewley.
Char £102 Chaseside.
BDM £100 Ward Hall Guards.
Bel £96 Sornfallow, £92 Wood Farm.
Suff £92 Satchells.
NCC £80 Sornfallow.


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