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Valtra Tractors become more Unique with Starco Dual Wheels

About 30 years ago, the tractor manufacturer Valtra made a radically strategic change that made their high-quality tractors amongst the most customizable in the world.

Every Valtra tractor is unique and one third goes through a customising studio called Unlimited. For the first time, Finnish end-users can select the STARCO dual wheels on a brand-new tractor by AGCO Finland.

Valtra Tractor with Starco wheels

Last year, Valtra presented their new tractor on the agriculture exhibition called MaatalousKonemessut in Finland with the STARCO dual wheel solution mounted. Now, the first set of STARCO dual wheels are delivered to AGCO Finland ready for sales.

“It has been a pleasure to cooperate with STARCO regarding dual wheels and we are now ready to service our customers with dual products,” says Jari Luoma-aho, Aftersales Marketing Manager, Valtra Inc. 

Valtra tractors are recognised for their reliability, versatility, durability and Nordic roots. Each tractor is specifically designed for individual customer needs and manufactured to withstand the hardest climates and toughest working conditions. Today, Valtra is one of the AGCO brands together with, for instance, Fendt and Massey Ferguson.

When a customer orders a Valtra tractor, he or she can choose from various accessories, making the tractor perfect for his or her needs, for instance special peat accessories, fire preventing systems, tyre patterns/brands and the color of the tractor.

“We experience a demand for high-quality dual wheels approved by factory, so we’re happy to make this opportunity available for our customers,” says Luoma-aho.

Adding the STARCO dual wheels to the long list of accessories an end-user can select from, when configuring and designing his or her tractor, is unique. STARCO dual wheels are currently available in Finland, served by AGCO Finland.

The joint development product started early in 2018 with a collaboration between Valtra’s Unlimited sector, AGCO Finland and STARCO. Now, the products are available to the Finnish end-users and well-received at the exhibition last year.

“It was a pleasure to listen to conversations between the farmer that tested the dual wheels and other farmers visiting. They have fantastic hands-on experience and a way of saying ‘We need this!’ about our dual wheels that convince us that this will be well received by Valtra’s customers,” says Pasi Pietikäinen, Sales Manager, Nordic, STARCO.

STARCO has a strong position and subsidiaries in the markets where Valtra is active. The dual wheels will first be available in Finland. Valtra manufactured nearly 9000 tractors in 2018, whereof one third were the Unlimited.


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