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Holstein UK Launches Approved Registered Cattle Scheme

Representing a global standard in animal traceability, authenticity and knowledge, a brand new initiative ‘Approved Registered Cattle’ (ARC) mark is set to revolutionise Holstein and British Friesian breeds, with ambitions to roll the scheme out to all other dairy and beef breeds.

Holstein UK is delighted to have launched Approved Registered Cattle at UK Dairy Day on Wednesday 12th September.

Pictured signing the contract are Sue Cope (CEO of Holstein UK) & Henrik Winkeler (MD of Caisley International) 

Pictured signing the contract are Sue Cope (CEO of Holstein UK) & Henrik Winkeler (MD of Caisley International)

The scheme will create an integral tissue bank that will provide evidence of the ancestry of those animals registered into the Herd Book. This will be established through members submitting a tissue vial at the point of tagging and registering the animal which provides members with a simple, yet tamper proof, tissue sampling system.

The integral tissue bank will provide access to each animals’ DNA for use in genomic evaluation and parentage verification. The records will be accurately matched to ancestry, health testing, milk recording, classification and genetic data allowing added value to the breeds genetics within the Herd Book.

Members will be able to purchase the exclusive tagging products by simply calling the membership services team on 01923 695 200.

Creating Trust

By establishing a ‘stamp of approval’, Holstein UK is creating a standard for all registered animals that ensures authenticity of the breed and provides farmers with a trusted management brand that they can have confidence in. Members and Holstein UK will work in partnership to ensure sustainable returns from registered cattle:

  • Trusted gold standard mark providing recognition of registered animals

  • Easy access to further health and DNA testing, such as parentage, genomics and BVD

  • Robust herd book of insight and data

  • Greater knowledge of the herd, to allow more informed breeding decisions to be made

Integrating the Supply Chain

The UK food supply chain has some of the most respected standards around the globe, providing consumers with the highest level of confidence and this expectation of food traceability is only set to intensify in the future. Whilst the UK dairy industry has been relatively unaffected by food scares, milk processors and retailers continue to future proof through tightening milk contract requirements. This includes the meeting of factors such as milk compositional requirements, health monitoring, farm assurance, training and mobility and body condition scoring.

ARC is also open to offspring of pedigree registered cattle. By submitting a tissue vial, along with parentage information, these animals can be registered to a separate database. An immediate benefit for the member is that HUK can pass the necessary information on to BCMS for them to issue the cattle passport, minimising the duplication of data input, and allowing more time away from paper work.

Holding DNA and parentage information of animals that are destined for meat, adds an enormous amount of value to the supply chain. The initiative enables purchasers and processors assurance of the animals breeding, and also full traceability prior to being slaughtered.

The inclusive scheme will register those cattle entering the Herd Book, along with those descending from pedigree registered animals. Through the retail of an all-encompassing package of ear tags which includes tissue sampling tags, DNA and health testing can be carried out.

Lizzie Bonsall, Holstein UK Identification Quality Manager, commented;
“The ARC scheme takes an innovative industry lead to create a Herd Book with fully traceable approved registered cattle. Dairy farmers will be able to register animals with greater accuracy (parentage & knowledge), optimise mating decisions to accelerate genetic progress and better understand the genetic potential of animals in the herd.”

She adds;
“This is an extremely exciting time for Holstein UK as we launch this accreditation mark for British Holstein and Friesian dairy cattle, with the view to extend the service to other dairy and beef breeds in the future. We’re hugely optimistic that this scheme will be pivotal in helping to consolidate supply chain integration, confidence and ultimately returns for the farmer.”

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