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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 18 cattle, 3,007 prime lambs and 4,992 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 11th October 2018.


Light to 223.0p (165.9p)
Standard to 200.0p (172.7p)
Medium to 208.0p (170.2p)
Heavy to 178.0p (161.5p)
Overweight 191.0p (151.1p)

Light to £75.00 (£29.37)
Heavy to £152.00 (£60.54)

Rams to £148.00 (£75.53)

A nice entry of cast cows and bulls was forward with trade slightly easier following the national trend. Sale topped at 127p for a Limousin cow from W & B Nichol, Lawston, Newcastleton. Whitebred Shorthorns to 109p (x2) from JRF Pattinson, Hot Bank, Hexham and Saler cows to 108p and 107p from T G Warwick & Son, Girnwood, Hawick. More cows required on a weekly basis to fulfil demand.

Longtown sheep ring


Limousin 127p, 108p Lawston, 101p Knarr.

Whitebred Shorthorn 109p (x2), 97p Hot Bank.

Saler 108p, 107p Girnwood.


Limousin £958, £783 Lawston, £641 Knarr.

Galloway Bull £742 Hot Bank.

Saler £674, £604 Girnwood.

Whitebred Shorthorn £670, £637 Hot Bank.

3,007 prime lambs were a nice quality entry, as with the general trend all lambs were in stronger demand to average SQQ 170p, up 5p on the week. Heavy lambs to £140 and £125 for Texels from G Wilkinson, Arkleby House, Aspatria, Wigton. Top price per kilo was 223p from Messrs Bell, Waterloo, Greenhead.

Blackface and light lambs sold in a strong market to a top of 175p for a pen of 50 Blackfaces from Chapelhope with others to £67 for Texels from Waterloo


Texel 223p, 212p Waterloo, 208p Aldery Terrace, 207p Crawthat, 200p Waterloo.

Beltex 205p High Greenhill & Crawthat, 202p Kirranrae, 202p, 200p Waterside.

Cheviot 189p Bridge End.

Charollais 188p Shawhill, 176p, 174p Aldery Terrace.

Suffolk 183p Hill Farm, 175p Ashley Park, 171p Shawhill & Castle Farm, 170p Low Glendinning Rigg & Hallburn.

Mule 176p Shawhill, 172p Peela Hill, 168p Newbiggin, 167p Lawesknowe.

Blackface 175p, 173p Chapelhope, 171p Auchenbrack & Upperburnmouth and lots more 160p and above.

Cheviot Mule 169p Canina Gardens.


Texel £140, £125 Arkleby House, £96 Hermitage, £94 Aldery Terrace, £93 Crawthat, £90 Holmhead, £89 Carran & Peasemyres, £88 Becton Hall Bar, Newbiggin & Arkleby House, £87 Crumhaughhill & Holmhead.

Suffolk £100 Holmhead, £88 Becton Hall Bar, £85 Newbiggin, £82 High Wreay, £81 Broomhill, £80 Greenburn & Shawhill.

Beltex £90 Crawthat, £85 Kirranrae, £84 High Greenhill, £83, £82, £80 Waterside, £80 Hazelgill & High Greenhill.

Blue Texel £84 Ellenbank, Wigton.

Mule £80 Redburn View, £76.50 Hazelgill, £75 Greenburn, £74 Newbiggin & Cowden Burn, £73 Peasemyres, £72.50 Hole Farm, £72 Whiteside, Lawesknowe & Aldery Terrace, £70 Greensburn & Penpeugh.

Charollais £79 Canina Gardens & Knowe, £78 Hazelgill, £77.50 Aldery Terrace, £75 Shawhill.

Blackface £77 Hole Farm, £68 Whiteside, £66.50 Ingleston, £63.50 Edges Green, £63 Peela Hill & Lawesknowe.

Cheviot £77 Sykehead.

Cheviot Mule £72.50 Barnglies, £70 Byers.


Another large entry of 5,127 cast ewes and rams attracted the usual large company of buyers. Trade was on par with recent weeks with heavy ewes in short supply and best Texels commanding a premium. Top of £152 for Texel ewes from J Robertson & Son, Becks, Langholm, with others to £151 Croft House and £150 Bellmount. Light ewes to £75 for Blackface from Camelford and rams to £148 for Texels from A & HC Smith, Crumhaughhill, Hawick.


Texel £152 Becks, £151 Croft House, £150 Bellmount, £147 Springfield Court, £142 Fiddleton Bank End, £141 Beckfoot, £140 Becks, £138 Beechwood, £136 Viewley, £134 Greenlands, £132 Viewley, £130 Cubbyhill, £128 Firth & Arkleby House, £127 Chaseside, £126 Holme Head & Crumhaughhill, £122 Whitehall, £121 Fiddleton Bank End, £120 Gillesbie & Viewley.

Suffolk £109 Chaseside, £108 Croft House, £107 Beckfoot & Chaseside, £104 Beckfoot, £103 Drinkstone, £96 Croft House, £95 Chaseside, £93 Carran.

Charollais £106 Croft House, £100 Chaseside.

Half-Bred £98 Smailholm Mains

Mule £98 Smailhom Mains.

North Country Cheviot £94 High Moat.

Cheviot Mule £83 Clackmae.


Blackface £75 Camelford.

Swaledale £62 Sundaysight,

Cheviot £62 Springfield Court, £55 Sourhope, £53 Blackhaugh, £50 Glendinning & Blackhaugh.


Texel £148, £144 Crumhaughhill, £144 Becks, £140, £138 Arkelby House, £130 Maidencots, £126 Swordwell Rigg.

Charollais £128 Springfield Court.

North Country Cheviot £100 Smailholm Mains.

Suffolk £98 Drinkstone.

Cheviot £86 The Brigg.

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