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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 32 cattle, 2,811 prime lambs and 4,754 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 6th September 2018.


Light to 206.0p (166.0p)
Standard to 244.0p (181.1p)
Medium to 238.0p (177.3p)
Heavy to 222.0p (178.5p)
Overweight 190.0p (166.6p)

Light to £69.00 (£31.85)
Heavy to £153.00 (£78.58)

Rams to £126.00 (£64.27)

An improved show of cattle was forward and meeting a brisk trade throughout with all buyer's keen for cattle. Sale was topped at 196p for a Charolais heifer from T&MJ&TR Johnson, Greenley Cleugh, Hexham. Cast bulls to 141p for a Limousin from N W Littleson, Killegruer, Argyll and cows to 135p for a Whitebred Shorthorn again from Messrs Johnson.


Charolais Heifer 196p Greenley Cleugh.

Limousin Bull 141p Killegruer.

Whitebred Shorthorn 135p Greenley Cleugh.

Galloway 128p, 120p, 118p High Thorneyburn.

Limousin 126p, 123p Clarghyll, 120p Palmer Hill.

Beef Shorthorn 122p, 120p Hallsford.

Longhorn 111p Laverhay.

British Blue 110p Killervan, 108p Palmer Hill.


Limousin Bull £1,015 Killegruer.

Charolais Heifer £1,009 Greenley Cleugh.

Whitebred Shorthorn £749 Greenley Cleugh.

Galloway £742, £637 High Thorneyburn.

Beef Shorthorn £677, £666 Hallsford.

Longtown sheep ring

2,811 prime lambs were a slightly larger entry of lambs. Trade as nationally, was back on the week by 10p to average 178p overall. Best lambs were wanted and sold between 200-220p per kilo and to a top of 244p for Beltex from JA & LA Thompson, Woodhead, Scaleby. Heavy lambs again in demand and sold to £107 for Beltex from Messrs G & W Halliday, Crawthat, Lockerbie.

Most lambs with meat sold between 175-185p per kilo.


Beltex 244p Woodhead, 229p Wallend, 222p Crawthat, 219p High Greenhill.

Texel 238p High Parkfoot, 222p Netherton, 218p Midtown & High Greenhill, 212p Dykehead, 210p Midtown.

Rouge 220p Crawfordhall.

Blue du Maine 200p Brow Top.

Charollais 195p Fenwick.

Suffolk 193p Wallend, 187p Nunnerie, 182p Toftingall, 181p Haregills.

Cheviot 193p Midtown.

Hampshire 181p Barnglies.

Berrichon 179p Maryfield.

Mule 177p Thomasdene & Horsley Hill, 174p Thistledown, 172p Low Chesterhope, 170p Nunscleugh.

Lleyn 170p Glenlea.


Beltex £107 Crawthat, £95.50 Woodhead, £94 High Greenhill.

Rouge £103 Crawfordhall.

Suffolk £100 Guardsmill, £92 Thirdpart, £90 Guardsmill, £88 Nunnerie, £85 Oswie & Guardsmill.

Texel £99 Crawthat, £98 Brow Top, £97 Old Wall, Tarnside, Guardsmill & Midtown, £95 High Parkfoot & Woodhead, £94 High Greenhill, Crawthat, Longhurst, Barnglies & Woodhead, £92 West Cocklaw, £91 Lochwoodmains & Netherton, £90 Oswie, Linnhead & Nunnerie.

Blue du Maine £92 Brow Top.

Cheviot £90 Guardsmill, £85 Moss Side & Glenlea.

Charollais £90 Brae Edge, £86 Fenwick.

Hampshire £85 Barnglies.

Mule £81.50 Thomasdene, £80 Thistledown, £78 Horsley Hill, £77.50 Low Chesterhope, £76.50 Gallowberry, £76 Thomasdene.

North Country Cheviot £79.50 Hownam Grange.

Cheviot Mule £78 Barnglies.

Lleyn £73 Glenlea.

Blackface £70.50 Low Chesterhope.


4,754 cast ewes and rams were a larger show which attracted good competition, with heavy ewes and rams similar but lean ewes again hard to sell.

Heavy ewes sold to £153 for Texels from Highfield Farming, Knock, Duns with hill ewes to £69 for Blackface ewes from RW & M Carruthers, Hill Brae, Penton. Texel rams to £126 from D & I Mackintosh, Kirkton of Kingoldrum, Angus.


Texel £153 Knock, £151 Whitehall & Viewley, £147 Beckfoot, £146 Bascodyke Foot, £143 Stonehouse, £141 Chaseside, £140 Lochwoodmains, £139 Bascodyke Foot, £138 Heatherglen & Newton Field, £135 Leithan Hall & Knock, £134 Stonehouse & Bascodyke Foot, £133 Whitehall, £130 Marygate, £128 Kilmichael, £124 Bascodyke Foot & Heatherglen, £122 Woodhead, £121 Kirkton of Kingoldrum.

Millenium Blue £138 Heatherglen.

Charollais £136, £130 Chaseside, £119 Heatherglen, £118 Chaseside, £117 Beckfoot, £114 Heatherglen.

Suffolk £120 Kirkton of Kingoldrum, £116 Beckfoot, £115, £114 Chaseside, £113 Brae Edge, £111 Viewley, £110 Beckfoot & Newton Field, £109 Kirkton of Kingoldrum, £108 Marygate, £107 Knock, £106 Thirdpart, £105 Viewley.

North Country Cheviot £101 Beckfoot, £91 Chaseside.

Bluefaced Leicester £100 Hill Brae.

Mule £91 Forss, £88 Laverockbank, £86 Newton Field & Golden Lane, £83 Minsca, £81 Cobble Hall Barn & Staffler, £80 High Wood, New Farm & West Brims, £79 Swallowdene, Tone Hall & East House.

Border Leicester £88 Justinlees.

Goat £60 Heatherglen.


Blackface £69 Hill Brae, £62 Brisco Meadows, £60 Todholes, £57 Minsca, £54 Garth & Leithanhall.

Cheviot £64 Kirkton, £59 Cassington, £52 Greenside & Clerk Hill, £50 Todholes & Harehead.

Herdwick £60 Orthwaite Hall.

Kendal Rough £50 Church View.

Swaledale £45 Gallowberry, £44 Nunscleugh.

Easycare £45 Mossfennan.

Lleyn £41 Synton Mains.

Shetland £40 Lingland Croft.


Texel £126 Kirkton of Kingoldrum, £112 Chaseside, £111 Staffler, £110 Beckfoot & Dykehead.

Suffolk £114 Knock & Garth Farm.

Charollais £104 Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £100 Garth Farm.

longtown mart

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