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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 15 cattle, 1,018 prime lambs, 808 prime hoggs and 2,250 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 21st June 2018.


Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 243.0p (241.2p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Light to 219.0p (193.5p)
Standard to 241.0p (216.7p)
Medium to 252.0p (235.2p)
Heavy to 259.0p (243.2p)

Overweight 249.0p (224.2p)

Light to 184.0p (151.0p)
Standard to 208.0p (180.9p)
Medium to 198.0p (178.7p)
Heavy to 215.0p (183.7p)

Shearlings 180.0p (155.8p)

Light to £73.00 (£52.82)
Heavy to £160.00 (£91.90)

Rams to £127.00 (£73.95)

A small selection of cattle saw cast cows similar and prime cattle very dear, with an average of 241.2p. cast cows sold to 122p for a Belted Galloway from Neil Pattie, Butterdales, 121p for a Black & White from CT & J Wigham, Hethermill and Simmentals to 120p from J Pattie, Butterdales.

Prime cattle topped at 243p for a Limousin heifer followed by 241p twice and 240p all from A & WJ Taylor, Dashwell Green. More needed to meet demand.

Longtown cattle ring



Black & White £726 Hethermill.

Simmental £708 Butterdales.

Belted Galloway £536 Butterdales.

1,018 spring lambs were forward in larger numbers. Heavy weights commanded the best trade with all other weights in demand with averages very similar on the week. Top price per head was £132 for Texel lambs from Messrs Harker, Lanehead, Wigton and to 259p for Texels from WA Clark, Whins, Lockerbie.


Texel 259p Whins, 256p Cowens & Lanehead, 252p Rottington Hall, 251p Four o Boot, 250p West Millhills, 249p Lanehead, Waterside & Wyseby Hill Cottage, 247p Auchengray & Upper Tinwald, 245p Kimmeter Green, 244p Gallowberry, 242p Marygate, 241p Old Rectory & West Millhills, 240p Tara, 239p Sowerby Wood, Lanehead & The Keep, 237p Upper Tinwald & Sowerby Wood, 236p Upper Tinwald, Old Rectory & Four o Boot, 235p Fenton & Upper Tinwald.

Suffolk 253p Swallows Barn, 252p Carsegowan, 251p, 249p, 243p, 242p Drumburn, 240p Sceugh Dyke & Carsegowan, 239p Whins, 238p, 236p, 235p Carsegowan, 234p Westend, 233p West End, 232p, 230p Sowerby Wood, 230p Burnfoothill.

Charolais 245p, 237p Knowe, 234p, 233p Rottington Hall, 232p Hallburn.

Berrichon 235p Sceugh Dyke.


Texel £132 Lanehead, £128 Cowens, Lanehead, Marygate & Hillhead, £127 Whins, £126 Auchengray, £125 Kimmeter Green, £120 Four o Boot, Upper Tinwald & Lanehead, £112 Auchengray & Wyseby Hill Cottage, £111 Upper Tinwald.

Suffolk £124 Swallows Barn, £116 Carsegowan, £113 Drumburn, £109 Sowerby Wood, £108 Sceugh Dyke, £105 Knowe & Whins, £104 Drumburn, £103 Westend, £102 Drumburn, £101, £100 Carsegowan, £100 Sceugh Dyke & West End.

Charolais £120, £102, £101 Knowe.

Berrichon £105, £101 Sceugh Dyke.

A similar show of 808 prime hoggs with all meated types meeting a very dear trade and short of requirements, averages unchanged on the week. Many hoggs made 200p per kilo plus and to a top of 215p for Texels from M & W Fotheringham, Drumcairn, Perth and to £107 for Texel hoggs from Messrs Marrs, Broomhills, Carlisle and Marygate.


Texel 215p Drumcairn, 208p, 198p Fiddleton Bank End, 198p Almagill & Broomhills, 197p Boughlin, 196p Almagill, 194p Marygate, 193p Haythwaite Lane & Whiteside, 191p Tara, 190p Broomhills.

Beulah 193p Bidlake.

Blackface 192p, 187p Whiteside.

Cheviot 189p Shalmstry, 186p, 185p Mallsgate Hall, 183p Almagill, 182p Whins.

Herdwick 186p Almagill.

Suffolk 180p Heatherglen, 174p Far Howe, 173p Almagill, 171p Heatherglen.

Mule 180p Peasemyres, 179p Almagill, 174p Lochend.

Easycare 178p Castle Farm.



Texel £107 Broomhills & Marygate, £105 Smerral, Broomhills, Fiddleton Bank End & Marygate, £101 Four o Boot & Tara, £100 Broomhills & Boughlin, £99 Drumcairn, £98 Howpark, £96 Almagill, £95 Broomhills, £93 Smerral & Broomhills, £91 Low Tipalt, Edge, Broomhills & Haythwaite Lane.

Mule £99 Peasemyres.

Cheviot £95 Almagill.

Suffolk £85, £83 Haythwaite Lane, £80 Far Howe.

Beltex £81 Broomhills.

Beulah £77 Bidlake.

Blackface £73 Whiteside, £70 Almagill.

Easycare £73 Castle Farm.

Longtown sheep ring

A similar entry of 2,250 cast ewes and rams attracted extra buyers and trade was very strong with all classes firmer on the week. Sale topped at £160 for Texel ewes from N Woodmass, Foxglove, Carlisle with export ewes to £73 for Blackface from T MacKenzie, Drumreach, Inverness and for Swaledale ewes from M Hutchinson, Peasemyres, Weardale and rams to £127 for Texels from Beckfoot.


Texel £160 Foxglove, £159 Drumreach, £155 Hillhead, £150 Foxglove, Harene & Laurels, £148 Beckfoot & Thackwood, £147 Viewley, Sanderson House & Burgh Head, £146 Laurels, £143 Loughrigg, £142 Foxglove, £141 Loughrigg, Viewley & West Millhills, £140 West Cocklaw, £139 Howpark & Marygate, £138 Harene, Hundith House & Foxglove, £137 Loughrigg, Peela Hill & Crumhaughhill, £135 The Wreay & Beckfoot, £134 Aspatria Hall, £133 Chaseside, £132 Laurels & Sunnycroft, £131 Burgh Head, £130 Chaseside, Laurels, Aspatria Hall & Hundith House.

Beltex £123 Waterside, £91 Uppercleuch.

Charollais £122 Thackwood, £120 Viewley, £119 Springfield, £114 Uppercleuch, £113 Chaseside, £110 Springfield.

Suffolk £119 Beckfoot & Chaseside, £115 Chaseside, £113 Beckfoot, £109 West End, £107 Chaseside, Sceugh Dyke & Smerral, £105 Chaseside, Beckfoot, Shop & West Cocklaw, £103 Viewley & Chaseside, £101 Beckfoot, £100 West Millhills & Viewley.

Bleu du Maine £107 Uppercleuch.

Blue Faced Leicester £105 Silloans.

North Country Cheviot £89 Peela Hill, £87 Drumreach, £85 West Millhills, £82 Morebattle Tofts, £81 West Millhills.

Mule £87 Drumreach, £85, £84 Nunrow, £83 Howpark & West End, £82 Nunrow, £81 West End & Aspatria Hall, £80 Nunrow & Castletown, £78 Marygate, £77 Laurels, Sanderson House, Sceugh Dyke & Nunrow, £75 Hollytree, Far Howe, High Yarridge & Wood Farm.

Cheviot Mule £82 Howpark, £77 West Cocklaw.


Blackface £73 Drumreach, £72 Nunrow, £68 Uppercleuch, £61 March Cottage.

Swaledale £73 Peasemyres, £71, £63 Hammershields.

Easycare £71, £69 Godscroft.

Lleyn £70 Morebattle Tofts, £70, £67 Marygate.

Cheviot £65 March Cottage, £59 Lochend.


Texel £127 Beckfoot, £120 Marygate, £115 High Yarridge.

Suffolk b

Charollais £107 Viewley.

North Country Cheviot £100 Beckfoot.

Blackface £85 Peela Hill.

Dorset £85 Beckfoot.

longtown mart

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