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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 21 cattle, 3,170 prime hoggs, 30 spring lambs and 3,593 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th April 2018.


Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to -------p (------p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 245.0p (238.5p)
Heavy to 233.0p (223.7p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Standard to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 337.0p (325.3p)
Heavy to 331.0p (290.3p)
Overweight 287.3p (276.0p)

Light to 296.0p (224.7p)
Standard to 310.0p (246.9p)
Medium to 341.5p (271.2 p)
Heavy to 315.0p (257.7p)

Light to £93.00 (£53.34)
Heavy to £163.00 (£96.97)

Rams to £177.00 (£89.15)

A smaller show of 21 cattle with cast cows selling very well and more needed. Top price to 151p for a Limousin cow sold by Wanwood Partners, Wanwood Hill.

A quality show of prime cattle sold a similar trade with a handy weight Limousin heifer topping the sale at 245p from J. & J. & D. Taylor, Englishtown, next was 233p twice shown by A. & W.J. Taylor, Dashwell Green. With the top price per head being £1456 for a Limousin heifer from Messrs Fiddler, Barrow Ling.

Longtown cattle ring



Limousin heifer 245p Englishtown, 233p (x2), 231p Dashwell Green, 244p (x2) Barrow Ling.

British Blue heifer 215p Englishtown.


Limousin 151p, 145p, 137p Wanwood Hill.

Simmental 130p Holme House.

Luing 124p Geltsdale.

Friesian 119p The Stubb.



Limousin heifers £1456, £1444.80 Barrow Ling, £1425.60, £1421.30, £1409.10, £1374.70 Dashwell Green.


Limousin £981.50, £957, £863.10 Wanwood Hill.

Friesian £880.60 The Stubb.

Simmental £767 Holme House.

Luing £737.80 Geltsdale.

Spring lambs an increased entry met a marvelous trade. Suffolks from The Lands whose top was £141, Kilnford Croft to £159, Beechgrove to £158. Overall average was £143.80 per head. Top price per kilo was 337p & 331p from Kilnford Croft and 311p Beechgrove. Many more could have sold to advantage.


Suffolk 337p, 331p, 329p, 326p, 313p Kilnford Croft, 311p Beechgrove.


Suffolk £159 Kilnford Croft, £158 Beechgrove, £157, £153, £145, £144 Kilnford Croft, £141 The Land.

A larger entry of 3,170 prime hoggs were forward to the usual ring of buyers, with a better quality entry. Best hogs sold very well with many pens selling over 300p per kilo. To a top of 341p for Beltex hoggs from M. & W. Fotheringham, Drumcairn.

Heavy hoggs were again very dear with plenty of pens making £150 to £160. To a top of £175 twice for Texel from W.J. & J.G. Bell, Kinninghall & B. & J. MacKay, Skitten.

Light hoggs of good meat were a great trade selling around the 280p per kilo mark. To a top of 296p for Beltex from H.M. Sutherland, Drummuie.

Overall sale average 253.65p (SQQ 253.89).


Beltex 341p Drumcairn, 315p The Firs & Beckfoot, 310p Waterside, 302p Drumcairn, 296p Drummuie, 289p Waterside & Longburgh Fauld, 279p Cleughbrae, 274p Lurgan & Waterside.

Texel 310p, 305p Brisco Meadows, 300p Trailtrow & Brisco Meadows, 298p Touchwood, 293p Crowieknowe & Auchengray, 292p Roses Bower & Skitten, 291p Skitten, 290p Waterside.

Cheviot 298p Sandbed, 295p Fingland & Longburgh Fauld, 293p Yett, 280p Longburgh Fauld & West Scales, 287p Longburgh Fauld, 283p Sandbed, 282p Catslackburn & Micklethwaite, 280p Dryfeholm.

North Country Cheviot 287p, 284p West Scales, 273p Cleughbrae, 267p West Scales, 258p Ericstanes, 252p High Priorscales.

Suffolk 280p West Lyth, 273p Sceugh Dyke & Crosslee, 270p Sykehead, 269p Brisco Meadows.

Blackface 278p West Scales, 276p, 263p Cumcatch, 261p Macharioch.

Herdwick 275p Longrow.

Cross 268p Wydon Eals, 267p Kilncroft.


Texel £175 Kinninghall & Skitten, £168, £165, £160 Skitten, £159 Aspatria Hall, £158 Skitten, £156 Sceugh Dyke, £155 Beckfoot, £153 Trailtrow, £151 Longburgh Fauld, £150 Petterill Bank.

Suffolk £170 Kinninghall, £157 Beckfoot, £151 Roanstree, £150 Sceugh Dyke, £145 Whitegates, £136 Cleughbrae & Sceugh Dyke, £135 Sykehead.

Beltex £167 Beckfoot, £159 Longburgh Fauld, £145 The Firs, £140 Drumcairn

Cheviot £153 Catslackburn, £145 Cooms, £137 Tushielaw, £131 Sandbed, £130 Longburgh Fauld.

North Country Cheviot £141, £135 Ericstane, £125 West Scales, £123 Cleughbrae, £120 West Scales.

Herdwick £140 Longrow.

Blackface £125 Longburgh Fauld, £114 West Scales, £112 Peela Hill.

Cross £123 Wydon Eals, £119 Brisco Meadows, £115 Pennersaughs, £114 Middle Shipley, £113 Patties Hill, £112 Kilncroft, £110 Wydon Eals.

Cheviot Mule £114 Bloch.

Longtown sheep ring

A larger show of 3,593 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers, with all buyers keen for sheep but trade slightly down on the week.

Sale topped at £177 for a Texel ram from D. Buchanan, Aucharole Mains. Heavy ewes sold to £163 for Texels from G.P. Williams, Bryndansi. Light ewes to £93 for Blackfaces from H. & M. Connell, Minsca. 1,354 heavy ewes & rams selling £100 upwards.


Texel £163 Bryndansi, £160 Kirk House, £150 Bardnaclaven, £149 Upoperlands & Bryndansi & Woodhead, £148 Peela Hill & Woodhead & Beckfoot, £145 The Laurels.

Oxford £158 Guards.

Suffolk £157 East Cliff, £155 Burgh Head, £152 East Cliffe, £150 Burgh Head, £147 Upperlands, £136 Upperlands, £134, £131 Chaseside, £130 Pasture House, £129 Becton Hall, £127 Pates Hill, £124 Sceugh Dyke & Beckfoot, £123 Broomlands & Petterill Bank, £122 Knowe.

Bleu Du Maine £146 Middle.

North Country Cheviot £138 Ericstanes, £127 Durran Mains, £114 Carruthers.

Charollais £137 Upperlands, £134 Beckfoot, £133 Chaseside.

Cross £125 Raby Grange, £117 Sceugh Dyke, £114 Golden Lane, £113 Milnholm & Newton of Logierait, £110 Thura Mains.

Blue Faced Leicester £123 Springwells, £119 Burgh Head.

Half-Bred £118 Bardnaclaven.

Zwartbles £113 Golden Lane, £111 Sowerby Wood.

Beltex £108 Aspatria Hall & Woodhead.

Cheviot Mule £108 North House.


Blackface £93 Minsca, £87 Wyliehole & Penpeugh.

Cheviot £88 Catslackburn, £79 Crosscleugh, £78 Halgray, £76 North House, £75 Allfornaught.

Easycare £79 Leahaugh.

Swaledale £72 Pasture House, £66, £65 Spoutbank.

Jacob £62 Trevemper.


Texel £177 Achaurole, £147 Chaseside, £145 Beckfoot, £144 Pates Hill.

Charollais £151 Upperlands.

Blue Faced Leicester £153 Achaurole Mains

Suffolk £148 Guards, £125 Upperlands, £116 Golden Lane.

Cheviot £118 Catslackburn.

Beltex £110 Aspatria Hall.

Swaledale £96 High Dunashery.

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