Pasture-Fed Livestock Association Seeks New Chairman

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA), which champions livestock farmers who produce high quality beef, lamb and dairy without feeding any grains to their animals, is seeking a new chairman.

John Meadley, who has led the Community Interest Company so ably since 2011, has now stepped down. The organisation is looking for a new chairman to build on the firm foundations he has developed.

Laura Chapman

Laura Chapman

This members’ organisation is now positioned to influence the future of UK Agricultural policy, as the value of wholly pasture-fed farming is increasingly recognised, bringing with it public goods such as better human health, animal welfare and environment and wildlife.

There is a growing membership of 320 individuals, mainly farmers – with 54 Pasture for Life certified farmers and 34 certified butchers.

The biggest challenges are to ensure the association is financially self-sustaining into the future and to grow the market for Pasture for Life food.

The organisation is seeking someone with gravitas, experience and a strong and visible passion and commitment to the PFLA, its mission and its strategic objectives.

The person will head a committed and professional board of directors that is actively engaged in taking the PLFA forward, and a membership that is keen to learn, innovate and be involved.

New directors welcomed
Three new directors were welcomed to the Board at the last meeting held in November; Laura Chapman, James Osman and Dr Angela Wright.

Laura is a former vegetarian turned believer in sustainably produced meat. With her husband Jonathan she raises Pasture for Life certified Red Ruby Devon cattle on the Hertfordshire/ Buckinghamshire border. They have built up their herd over the past six years and retail the beef directly.

Laura has worked in London in real estate investment management for pension funds and aims to combine her commercial and administrative experience with her hands-on farming/retailing knowledge. She is particularly keen to help establish meaningful and regular pasture-fed supply chains.

James is a beef farmer from the Isle of Wight, where he runs a herd of Hereford cross Angus suckler cows, alongside a farm shop and café business at a National Trust tenant farm, with his mother and father.

Originally trained as an Environmental Scientists at Southampton University, James has spent the past six years working for the NFU. This has provided him with the key skills of lobbying, public speaking, media handling and policy development. He is also skilled in membership recruitment and will be putting some of these skills to good use while being a director of the PFLA.

Angela has been involved with the PFLA in a professional capacity as Chief Scientific Adviser for Compassion in World Farming, since 2014 and is passionate about the organisation’s members, goals and ethos.

Angela specialises in animal welfare, an area she believes the PFLA can use increasingly to position itself in the marketplace. She also has connections with organisations dealing with issues of food security and climate change, and hopes to promote the value of pasture-fed livestock as part of the solution.

In the past, Angela has been a small-scale producer of Norfolk Horn sheep, reared in a manner sympathetic to organic and Pasture for Life principles.

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