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John Deere Announces New PowrSpray Sprayer at Cereals 2017

John Deere took the opportunity to announce an updated version of its successful R4040i 4000-litre capacity self-propelled sprayer at Cereals 2017.

The new John Deere R4040i PowrSpray model uses the same high performance drivetrain and spray solution systems as its larger R4050i PowrSpray 5000-litre stablemate, to provide higher accuracy, increased efficiency and more operator comfort than its predecessors.

John Deere R4040i Sprayer

John Deere R4040i Sprayer

A new QuadControl transmission features fully variable wheel motors and stepless speed control, without the need to manually change speed ranges. Wheelslip is now controlled at each individual wheel, for even greater levels of traction and hill-climbing performance.

In addition, an electronic anti-stall system automatically reduces forward speed in tough operating conditions while the engine is held at its maximum power setting, which enables the full tractive effort of the transmission to be utilised.

A Cruise Control function enables operators to preset both field and transport speeds, returning easily to the set speed with just a push of the multi-function control lever.

The PowrSpray solution system features a unique dual-circuit design with two solution pumps, each optimised for a specific function. A new, purpose-designed waterproof keypad and digital display at the sprayer’s operator station enable full control of automated filling, spraying and agitation.

A 1200-litre/min filling pump offers fast fill of the solution tank at low engine speeds, to reduce noise and fuel consumption. Automatic filling shut-off and the ability to rapidly power fill the 400-litre clean water tank are both standard features.

The industry exclusive Active Pause function enables the solution tank to stop filling while still providing clean water under high pressure for rinsing out chemical containers. This means the typical race against the filling solution tank is eliminated, and operators have all the time and clean water they need to complete chemical filling without stress.

A 750-litre/min (optionally 1000-litre/min) spraying pump delivers high output and exceptional spray accuracy. Conventional spray pressure regulators have been eliminated, with the pump instead reacting to changes in spraying speed or application rate by rapid, direct control of the pump speed. The innovative combined pressure and flow-based rate control of the previous R4040i model has been retained.

Automatic control of tank agitation and fully automated multi-cycle rinsing and dilution functions are also standard features of the updated R4040i PowrSpray. With only 45 per cent of the residual volume contained in conventional solution systems, PowrSpray is fast and efficient to clean out. Having only half the moving parts of conventional systems and requiring no regular maintenance, PowrSpray also offers exceptional reliability and low operating costs.

This new sprayer is fitted as standard with John Deere’s proven high-tensile steel booms, from 24 to 36m wide. The standard 36m carbon fibre boom fitted to the larger R4050i model is also optionally available for the R4040i PowrSpray. Specifying this light but highly durable boom lowers the machine’s overall weight by around 800kg, and provides further incremental improvements in weight distribution and power to weight ratio.

Pricing and ordering for the new R4040i PowrSpray self-propelled sprayer will be available from July, with full production starting at the John Deere Horst factory in the Netherlands at the beginning of November.

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