New Monarch Ley Mixtures – A Cut and Bite Above the Rest

Limagrain has published its Monarch Ley Mixture 2017 brochure, describing it as ‘a cut and bite above the rest’, with the inclusion of the new LGAN (LG Animal Nutrition) accreditation on a range of its mixtures that are available to growers for the 2017 season.

"In trials, LGAN mixtures have consistently delivered more energy across the season than the conventional control mixtures,” says Limagrain’s seed specialist John Spence. “Importantly, this energy is derived not just from high sugars, but also through high protein and digestible fibre levels.

Monarch brochure 2017

Monarch brochure 2017

And animal feeding trials using LGAN mixtures showed that these improvements in feed quality lead to better feed efficiency and milk production. An extra 1.4 litres of milk was produced by cows fed the LGAN mixture compared to a conventional grass mixture. This additional milk production is worth £92 per cow per year, based on a milk price of 22p/litre.

The 2017 Monarch includes the LGAN-accredited intensive and extended grazing mixtures and cutting mixtures. Many of the range’s mixtures have also been improved with the addition of the latest grass varieties Pensel and Timing; both bring improvements in yield, disease resistance and forage quality to the existing tried and tested range.

“We also include straight-forward details on reseeding and the financial justification, including the latest trial work from Teagasc in Ireland that links reseeding to farm profitability. The work shows that farms that carry out more reseeding each year return a greater net profit; around 5 euro cents (4p) more margin per litre when 10% of the farm is reseeded annually.


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