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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 12 cattle, 5,645 prime lambs and 4,745 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 24th November 2016.


Light to 213.0p (157.9p)
Standard to 251.0p (178.1p)
Medium to 259.0p (181.1p)
Heavy to 224.0p (160.0p)
Overweight to 171.0p (155.5p)

Light to £69.00 (£32.94)
Heavy to £168.00 (£69.48)

Cast Rams £142.00 (£76.56)

OTM’s: Waterhead of Dryfe Top Sale

A reduced entry of OTM’s were on offer to the usual good company of buyers, and trade easily maintained late rates and extra numbers could easily be handled. Simmental x from Waterhead of Dryfe toped at 121p, closely followed by Adrian & Hugh Connell’s Beef Shorthorn at 120p. Dairy bred sucklers sold to 103p from George Dinnin. Top price per head was £1,026 from Minsca, with others to £913.55 from Berryscaur. An aged continental bull sold to 98p from Wanwood Hill.

Longtown cattle ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

The largest show of lambs this year saw 5,645 forward to the usual busy ring of buyers. All classes were dearer on the week, apart from the 45-52kg class which are in abundance everywhere.

Export lambs were a good 10-15ppk dearer, with light and mediums up 5-7ppk, and over 52kg 8-10ppk dearer. Best quality lambs continue to be in strong demand in this center, and many more could be sold to advantage. One of the best shows for quality seen for some time was forward. The sale topped at 259p and £106 for Texels from regular weekly supporter P Musgrave, Sowerby Wood. Sale averaged 174.3p (SQQ 179.3p), which was 9p up on the week.


Texel 259p Sowerby Wood, 251p Downam Farm, 244p Gallowberry & Oakwood, 241p Williamwood, 234p Pasture House, 231p Woodhead, 230p Hermitage, 229p Gallowberry, 227p Gelston Castle.

Beltex 249p Bridgestone, 245p, 238p Waltonwoodhead, 237p Park Nook, 234p Glencartholm, 232p Bridgestone, 230p Cumcrook, 227p High Stenries, 226p Walton Highrigg.

Suffolk 188p Branxholm Braes, 187p Wicketthorn, 186p The Stables, 184p Williamwood, 183p Southholm, 181p Branxholm Braes, 179p Southholm, Cloggers Cottage & Hollows Mill.

North Country Cheviot 185p Kirkbride, 169p Whiteknowe.

Cheviot Mule 184p Barnglies, 180p Auchentaggart, 176p Springwells, 168p Skelfhill, 165p Barnglies.

Cheviot 182p Catslackburn, 179p Burnside, 176p Auchentaggart, 174p Chapel Farm, 172p Catslackburn, 171p Greenburn, 170p Cowburn.

Charollais 181p Knowe, 180p West Kirkcarsewell, 179p Hallburn, 175p Archerbeck, 171p Tone Hall, 170p Knowe, 168p Moss Side & Hallburn.

Blackface 181p Hillend, 178p Plenderleith, Southholm & Burnside, 176p Hillcrest, 174p Whiteside, Cramalt & Buteland.

Greyface 180p, 178p Buteland, 176p Skelfhill, 175p Southholm, 172p Greensburn, 169p Boreland & Swaites, 168p Pasture House, 165p The Nook & Whiteside.

Oxford 173p Stockwell Hall.

Swaledale 168p Hillcrest, 163p Raise Lodge & Peasmyers.

Berrichon 166p Sceugh Dyke.

Hampshire 166p Barnglies.


Texel £106 Sowerby Wood, £103 Gelston Castle, £100 Gallowberry, £99 Bridgestone, West Kirkcarsewell & Hermitage, £98 Yonderton & Downam, £97 Catslackburn, £96 High Greenhill.

Beltex £101 Bridgestone, £98 Waltonwoodhead, £97 Bridgestone, £93 High Stenries & Waltonwoodhead, £92 Cumcrook, £90 Park Nook, £89 Glencartholm.

Charollais £91 Tone Hall, £85 Lanehead, £82.50 Hallburn, £79 Moss Side, £78 Knowe, £77 Archerbeck & Hallburn, £76 Knowe & Lanehead.

Suffolk £90 Broomhill & Tinnishall, £89.50 Tone Hall, £89 Ashley Park, £88.50 Sceugh Dyke, £88 Millriggs, £87.50 Tinnishall, £87 Shield Green, £85.50 Auchengray.

Berrichon £83 Sceugh Dyke.

North Country Cheviot £80 Tone Hall, £80, £76 Whiteknowe, £72 Kirkbride.

Oxford £80, £76 Stockwell Hall.

Greyface £79 Cowburnrigg, £77 Nunscleugh, £76 Fordlands, Boreland, Newtown & Greenburn, £75 Cloggers Cottage, £74.50 Nunscleugh, £74 Woodhouse & Hillcrest.

Cheviot £78, £75.50 Catslackburn, £74 Wicketthorn, £70 Burnside & Branxholm Braes, £69 Catslackburn, £68 Cowburn, £65 Greenburn.

Cheviot Mule £78, £74 Barnglies, £74 Springwells.

Blackface £75 Cramalt, £73.50 Whiteside, £73 Buteland, £72 Hillcrest & Meggethead, £71 Plenderleith, Minsca & Southholm.

Hampshire £73 Barnglies.

Swaledale £62 Hillcrest, £57 Raise Lodge & Peasemyers.

Longtown sheep ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

Another grand show 4,745 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with trade all over the place. The best quality and heavy ewes remained easily sold at recent rates, however export type, Blackface and Swaledale ewes definitely cheaper on the week. Plain ewes look dear in comparison. Rams still in demand.

Sale topped at £168 for an outstanding Texel ewe from regular consignor Messrs Sutherland, Carran Farm, Crosskirk, Caithness. Rams topped at £142 for Texels from Mr McVittie, Burn House, Haltwhistle.


Texel £168 Carran, £140 Linton & Skaill, £135 Woodhead, £132 Crumhaughhill, £128 Kennachy, £128 Gelston Castle, £127 The Wreay, £126 Sornfallow, £125 Little Galla.

Charollais £132 Beckfoot.

Beltex £126 The Wreay.

Suffolk £108 Heatherglen, £97 Eastside, £96, £95 Chaseside, £92 Tone Hall, £89 Chaseside, £87 Beckfoot.

Leicester £89 Linkshead, £83 Chirdon.

North Country Cheviot £82 Skaill, £76 Whiteknowe, Dalmakethar & Glendinning, £75 Brockhouse & Chaseside, £73 Sornfallow, £70 Dalmakethar.

Half-bred £77 Haithwaite.

Cheviot Mule £75 Arnmannoch.

Greyface £74 Sornfallow, £69 Greensburn & Sceugh Dyke, £68 The Nook & Eastside, £67 Little Galla & Burn House, £66 Gelston Castle & Riddell.

Goat £70, £69 South Port o Spittal, £69 Cliftencote.


Lleyn £66 Over Whitlaw, £60, £59 Dalmakethar, £54 Over Whitlaw, £50 South Port o Spittal, £48 Ringliggate, £40 Dalmakethar.

Blackface £60 Minsca, £51 Eastside, £50 Greenburn, £46 Marygate, £44 Linkshead, Gate House, Boreland and Haithwaite, £43 Drinkstone, £42 Nether Gribton.

Easycare £50, £43 Mitchelston.

Cheviot £47 Nether Gribton, £42 Brae Edge, £40 Sloda Hill, £38 Yonderton, £36 Woodfoot, £35 Eastside & Boreland.

Swaledale £44 Minsca & Burn House, £40 Nunscleugh, £36 Roachburn, £35 Kilnstown, £30 Haithwaite & Burn House.

Kerry Hill £44 Newbiggin Bush.


Texel £142 Burn House, £132 Beck Farm, £128 Burn House, £124 Chaseside, £122 Gelston Castle, £118 Beckfoot, £116 Haithwaite & Heatherglen, £114 Clonrae, £105 Johnstone Bank.

Leicester £116 Sanders Close, £112 Kilnstown, £106 Minsca, £92 Kilnstown & Roachburn.

Suffolk £116 Spoutbank, £108 Beckfoot.

Cheviot £116, £90 Glendinning.

Charollais £104 Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £100 Chaseside, £83 Wood Vale.

Beltex £100 Gelston Castle, £80 Viewley.

Wensleydale £100, £74 The Red House.

Kerry Hill £96 Whitcastles.

Blackface £88 Chirdon, £81 Cliftoncote, £74 Sweetshawhead.

Lleyn £85 South Port o Spittal.

Zwartble £82 Tercrosset.

longtown mart

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