Implications of Brexit on UK Agriculture

Understanding the implications of Brexit on UK Agriculture really serves to demonstrate just how complicated these problems really are.

Many farmers were against Brexit right from the start, which shouldn't surprise anyone. Farming is something that is strong affected by the general makeup of a nation these days. Farmers are looking after their own interests in part with their objections to Brexit. However, they are also looking after the interests of their customers.


Food prices are going to go up as a result of Brexit, and this seems to be inevitable unless something major changes. People in the lower classes are going to be affected by this strongly, but people in the upper classes are still going to feel it. Lots of things have gone international, which is clear from looking at the royal vegas online casino and similar outlets. However, food resources are still strongly products of what is going on in more local politics.

Agricultural labour could end up getting diminished as a result of Brexit. Finding people to work the fields has never been easy at the best of times, and everything is going to get that much worse before long. Of course, the loss of agricultural subsidies is one of the biggest problems here. Agricultural subsidies depend on having a governmental body of a certain size and they depend on having a large enough pool of tax payers. When radical governmental changes happen, which is certainly the case with Brexit, it is going to be difficult for farmers to get the subsidies that they have depended on for years by this point.

Many people all over the world criticize agricultural subsidies. Some of them, particularly in the United States, have had detrimental effects. The agricultural subsidies for corn, for instance, have been bad for the environment and for public health in general. However, completely ending agricultural subsidies or radically altering them with something like Brexit is not the solution. Subsidy reform is the solution, and Brexit could not be considered a case of subsidy reform.

Some alarmists talk about all of the disasters that will result from Brexit. People will still be able to do lots of things in the same manner. Being able to play casino games on your smartphone at Royal Vegas hasn't changed. It's possible that your job hasn't changed, even if you don't work at the royal vegas online casino. However, it is still important for people to remember that something like Brexit is going to affect them whether they know it or not, and they have to be ready for all of the complicated consequences of something that has managed to drastically change a political order that people have taken for granted for such a long period of time.

UK agriculture is going to be affected across the board by this decision. Brexit will have a tremendous effect on arable land, livestock, and dairy. Vegans and people with other special eating habits are certainly not going to be immune. Brexit is truly everyone's issue.

A view from across the pond

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