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Autumn Calvers Need Optimum Mineral Management

Autumn calving cows need to be given mineral boluses 6-8 weeks before calving in order to help them with the challenges they face during the most critical periods of their production cycle.

“As well as keeping calving index tight, and body condition at its best, the challenges the dairy cow will face over the coming months mean that her minerals must be in balance well in advance” says Agrimin’s Liz Brown.

A cow being given a bolus to ensure her mineral levels are right

A cow being given a bolus to ensure her mineral levels are right

“This is a critical time of the year for autumn calving herds,” adds Liz, who stresses that getting the mineral balance right will help the cow during this important time - through both the reproductive and production periods.

“Whether you’re on a high input, or low input, milking system, maintaining the correct mineral balance is imperative,” she says. “It needs to be done in good time to help sustain health benefits throughout pregnancy and beyond,” explains Liz.

“One application of High Iodine All-Trace, given as two boluses, is needed for low input systems, and one of Smartrace adult cattle is needed for high input systems where there will be more minerals available in the feed. This is ideal, and this single application covers this critical six-month period,” adds Liz, who stresses the ease of the application.

“Using a 24·7 calcium bolus is also highly recommended by Agrimin at the first signs of calving. It gives an instant and sustained boost,” says Liz, who believes the cows own calcium release mechanism isn't fully operating until at least 24 hours after calving. This leaves her at risk to milk fever which brings with it huge health and financial implications.

“The cow needs all the help we can give her, especially as the aim is to get her back into calf 100 days after calving. Bolusing covers the period from 6-8 weeks pre-calving to 18-20 weeks post-calving, six months in total, meaning the trace element requirement of the cow is well and truly covered.”

High iodine All-Trace boluses contain six trace elements and three vitamins, have an active life of 180 days and are easily delivered as a single administration of two boluses.

Smartrace bolus for adult cattle is a single administration of one bolus per animal giving 180 days cover and contains selenium, iodine and cobalt with a separate formulation containing additional copper if needed.


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