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Krone Lift Effect now on Small Rakes

As of now, all Krone single-rotor rakes built from 2016 feature the Krone Lift Tines as standard specification.

The speciality of these tines is their angled ends which allow the vertical tine to lift the material whilst raking it up (Krone Lift Effect). Resulting in even less contamination, this special design clearly improves of the quality of the harvested forage.

The single-rotor rakes from Krone now feature Lift Tines as standard

The single-rotor rakes from Krone now feature Lift Tines as standard

This was also confirmed by the DLG Focus Test 6244 which compared Krone rakes with and without Lift Tines.

The Lift Tines scored on the following details:

operating at the same ground speed and work depth, the angled tine points produced even fewer losses and allowed operators to increase the work rate was raised by 2km/h and yet without resulting in higher losses.

The Lift Tines were set to a 1cm higher ground clearance and yet were operated at the same ground speed without leading to higher losses. As a result, contamination was reduced.

The advantages for farmers are obvious:
higher work rates and yields per hectare and minimized crop contamination. And a better forage quality means higher milk yields from the base ration.

Krone offers single-rotor rakes at work widths of 3.5m to 4.6m. Even the small models benefit from advanced technology that has proven itself thousands and thousands of times: the maintenance-free rotor gearboxes with robust and lubrication-free cam track Duramax which comes with a three-year guarantee. In addition, the tine arms have ball bearings and are thus maintenance-free (no lubrication). The thick-walled arms and up to 10.5mm tines as well as large-diameter coils translate into excellent longevity, flexibility and strength.


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