Broadband Provider Backs NFU Call for help for Final 5%

Leading UK satellite broadband provider Avonline Broadband has backed the findings of the National Farmers Union report into broadband availability for farmers and rural communities.

The report, entitled Farm Broadband & Mobile Networks, revealed the NFU's concerns about the Government's broadband delivery programme, worth £1.7billion, which will leave an estimated 1.2 million premises without superfast broadband. It says that this is the equivalent to 5% of all premises, the majority of which will be farm businesses and rural communities.

Avonline Broadband

Avonline Broadband is the official satellite broadband partner to the NFU and is also one of the companies supporting local councils to install satellite broadband systems in eligible homes under a Government subsidy scheme which now provides up to 30Mbps Superfast satellite broadband packages.

Avonline managing director Mark Wynn said:
"Our work takes us directly to the people in this ‘final 5%' and we see just how damaging a lack of fast broadband is for farmers who cannot comply with online legislation requirements, small businesses that cannot trade properly, and homes where families cannot stay in touch and children cannot do their homework properly.

"We believe the NFU's call for ‘prompt and fair information sharing about the current superfast rollout' would be a key step in resolving their difficulties. Only when they truly know where they stand can this ‘final 5%' embrace the alternative technologies like satellite broadband or wireless which will be their only realistic solution of a better broadband connection over the next few years, and is already delivering 30Mbps superfast services where they are needed most.

"Satellite broadband is now able to immediately deliver superfast download speeds to farms, homes and businesses in many of the remotest parts of the country, without any wait for infrastructure investment. It is pointless to wait for fixed line superfast broadband to arrive when it may be many years away, at best."

Avonline Broadband

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