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All Go for New Piglet Prestarter

Cargill is launching its new piglet prestarter this spring in its Provimi portfolio. Neopigg Go! uses a novel approach that involves selecting specific raw materials that are specially blended to enhance digestive system development in the young piglet.

In UK commercial trials, Neopigg Go! has been shown to improve daily weight gain and feed efficiency in post weaned piglets.

New prestarter Neopigg Go! is designed to enhance digestive system development in piglets

New prestarter Neopigg Go! is designed to enhance digestive system development in piglets

“Piglets are weaned before their digestive systems have developed sufficiently to cope with the vegetable proteins and starches found in starter feeds,” says Maisie Lord, Cargill pig nutritionist.

“Undigested proteins will not only limit lean tissue deposition, but they will accumulate in the hind gut leading to the proliferation of bacteria such as E.Coli and the increased risk of diarrhoea.”

Cargill has developed the highly palatable prestarter Neopigg Go! to encourage maturation of the digestive enzymes like amylase and protease that aid the digestion of starches and non-milk derived proteins typically found in starter feed.

The high quality soya protein Provisoy and Cinergy, a blend of stabilized essential oil compounds, both in the Provimi range, are included in Neopigg Go!

Neopigg Go! is in a 1.8 mm pellet derived from raw materials with gelling properties that aid digestion. The pellet size encourages intakes and it is a stable product so it can be used in a liquid diet.

“We have trialled Neopigg Go! on UK units and seen very positive results,” adds Ms. Lord “Producers quote improvements in weaning weights of 300g per piglet and an improvement of 2kg per piglet four weeks post-weaning in piglets fed Neopigg Go! compared with piglets fed a conventional prestarter feed.

“They fed Neopigg Go! from four days old up to weaning and recorded high intakes, no growth or appetite check at weaning and piglets with a ‘bloom’ that made them easily identifiable from those fed on conventional prestarter.”

“An important feature is the small and attractive pellet size that encourages intakes and, along with successfully developing the gut, producers are finding that Neopigg Go! contributes to a smooth transition at weaning without a dip in performance.”

Neopigg Go! will be launched at the British Pig and Poultry Fair on May 10/11 at the NAEC, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire and through Cargill’s UK technical pig team.


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