TFA Offers Potential Post Brexit Agricultural Policy

The Tenant Farmers Association has issued a draft of a potential agricultural policy that could be put in place in the event that there was a vote to leave the EU at the forthcoming Referendum on 23 June.

TFA Chief Executive George Dunn said; “The opinion of the Tenant Farmers Association is that without a credible plan for what a post-EU Britain would look like, it cannot advocate a vote to leave the EU. However, we have promised our members that we will keep this under review as new information becomes available in advance of the Referendum”.

EU/Union Jack

“Sadly, whilst there has been significant amounts of rhetoric, soundbites, claim and counterclaim from both sides of the campaign this has provided rather more heat than light. The TFA has therefore decided to publish a draft, post-EU agricultural policy for consultation to assist the debate and in the hope that there will be a better level of analysis of the impact on UK agriculture of either a vote to cease to be or remain a member of the EU,” said Mr Dunn.

“As I travel around the country, many farmers in their heart of hearts would like to see Britain leave the EU. They find it attractive to consider a future of self-determination, of clear policies which would deliver a vibrant and prosperous agricultural industry, resilient against volatility and proudly supported by our own Government.

However, they simply do not trust that British politicians would ever deliver such a vision and are therefore more likely to vote to remain within the EU. Perhaps the choice to leave would be made easier if they knew that this would also lead to a change in Government to deliver a pre-agreed agricultural policy for Britain. However this is not on offer,” said Mr Dunn.

The TFA has published its potential draft, post-EU, agricultural policy pdf for comment and debate and would welcome any feedback from all quarters and from both sides of the referendum debate.

“The debate about our membership of the EU has got to be more than about subsidy payments. We should be looking at many other areas including developing fairer supply chains, ensuring protection against inappropriate trading practices, creating a proper and progressive farming ladder and protecting the British brand. The TFA’s draft policy addresses these and other areas,” said Mr Dunn.


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