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TH White Extends Bauer Slurry Management Range

One of the largest farm machinery dealers in southern England has expanded the range of Bauer slurry management equipment it supports with a range of advanced spreaders for farm slurry and digestate application.

T H White Agriculture operates seven branches, covering an area from Hampshire in the south and Gloucester in the north. Bob Gallop, TH White Dairy’s slurry equipment specialist, is based at the Frome depot in Somerset.

Bob Gallop, slurry management specialist at TH White Dairy with the dealership’s Bauer slurry spreader.

Bob Gallop, slurry management specialist at TH White Dairy with the dealership’s Bauer slurry spreader.

“Since becoming a Bauer / FAN dealer three years ago, we’ve seen growing interest in Bauer’s slurry pumps and separators, which perform well and are very durable,” he says.
“We’ve now taken the opportunity to add the high-specification tankers to our range to cater for farms with large dairy units or AD biogas plants, and contractors involved in slurry and digestate spreading.”

Adrian Tindall, Bauer UK & Ireland sales manager, emphasises that throughout the rest of Great Britain these specialist machines are supplied direct, with Bauer-appointed dealers looking after service support.

“But the T H White dealership has Bob Gallop’s expertise to call on in putting together the right specification for individual users,” he points out. “Together with a commitment to stocking both new machines and parts, this made it possible to appoint TH White as a Bauer tanker dealer.”

The company’s experience as a Bauer equipment dealer has been positive, with a growing number of farmers sourcing slurry handling equipment and parts.

“We keep Bauer’s submersible, shaft and pto-driven slurry pumps and mixers in stock, along with screw separator screens and a growing quantity of parts,” says Bob Gallop. “And we’ve installed a number of Bauer’s FAN Green Bedding separators on farms wanting to improve dairy cow comfort while reducing the cost of cubicle bedding.”

The slurry spreaders have some unique features, not least a tank hand-made from polyester-reinforced resin that is impervious to corrosion and is a lot lighter than steel without sacrificing strength and durability.

The 26cu m spreader, for example, is as much as 3 tonnes lighter than a steel tanker of equivalent size and specification, which together with large flotation tyres keeps the machine’s impact on the soil to a minimum.

Heavy-duty bogie-type running gear with independent wheel movement gives the tankers predictable towing characteristics on the road and along rough tracks, and the design allows a generous angle for the rear axle’s passive or active rear steering system, which minimises tyre scrub in tight turns.

There are sizes from 10,500-litres to 26,000-litres (2300-5700gal) and T H White has a 15,500-litre (3500 gal) example. Its specification includes a 4000-litre/min Bauer scroll and stator pump, a powered top hatch for fast filling from an independent pump and an 8in self-fill system that can operate on both sides.

“That is especially useful for contractors working with different farm and AD plant set-ups,” Bob Gallop points out. “The rear linkage frame on the galvanised chassis is ready to take a dribble bar, an injector or trailing shoe type applicator – Bauer has them from 9m to 30m wide with a macerating distributor, hydraulic drip stop and hydraulic folding.”


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