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Shredlage the New Word in Maize Harvesting

A new word is being bandied about in the context of maize harvesting: Shredlage – a harvesting technique from America which produces significantly longer chop lengths than we are used to in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Every forage harvester manufacturer in the marketplace has their own specific technology for producing the long-chop maize/Shredlage.

BiG X long-chop/Shredlage

BiG X long-chop/Shredlage

Optimal digestibility

Livestock farmers want forage that is very easy to digest. This means every single kernel needs to be cracked and husks, leaves and stalks must be fractured, even when you’re chopping long lengths. KRONE roller conditioners deliver just that. Larger diameter rolls and larger friction faces deliver top quality conditioning and perfect results.

Standard toothed rollers:

Our standard conditioners are available with 105, 123 or 144 teeth. These teeth feature a special triangular design which ensures perfect crop treatment.

Hard chrome plated toothed rollers:

Developed for heavyduty applications, the chrome plated roller conditioner has an extremely long service life. Providing a sawtooth friction face, these rollers deliver maximum conditioning. The rollers are available with 105, 123 or 144 teeth.

The KRONE roller conditioner cracks every kernel:

Our 250 mm diameter rollers have a larger friction face than the smaller diameter toothed rollers. They can be operated with a larger roll gap for greater efficiency and fuel economy and they are more efficient at conditioning longer chops. The standard speed difference between the two rollers is 20% but this can be increased to 30% if a greater intensity is desired. We also recommend the 30% speed difference for shredlage applications, so as to achieve thorough conditioning and fracturing of long chops.

Variable roll gap:

The operator can control the roll gap from the cab, adjusting it steplessly to the current conditions.

The KRONE disc conditioner simply delivers

With Vshaped gaps between the individual discs to increase the friction surface area, the KRONE disc conditioner delivers maximum conditioning while requiring low power input, producing perfectly conditioned forage.

The KRONE disc conditioner:

The disc conditioner assembly is made up of two shafts with interlocking discs that provide Vshaped gaps to crack the kernels. This design has 2.5 times the friction face of a roller conditioner and delivers outstanding conditioning and fracturing, even in high throughputs and long LOCs.

KRONE disc conditioner cracks every kernel:

With the discs on the outer shaft measuring 265 mm in diameter and those on the inner shaft measuring 135 mm, and both rotating towards each other at identical speeds, the assembly generates two different circumferential speeds, which in turn causes frictional effects that grind the material between the discs. The result? Every single kernel is cracked effectively and long stalks are fractured lengthways. The clear benefit of this is that the conditioning effect is intensive without destroying the structure. Just what farmers have asked for.

Variable disc gap:

The operator can control the disc gap from the cab, adjusting it steplessly to the current conditions.

Biogas in the morning – longchop/Shredlage in the afternoon

Forming an integral part of the pulley,VariLOC is a gearbox that shifts the speed of the chopping drum. By changing the drum speed from 1250rpm to 800rpm with a simple spanner, you can increase the LOC range by up to 53%. This way you can instantly change over from short to long cuts and vice versa within a few minutes, allowing you to respond to customer requirements at short notice without any prior modifications to the machine or upfront planning. Combined with the new 105/123 tooth roller conditioner (with 30% speed difference) or the disc conditioner, this gearbox turns your BiG X into an allrounder and gives you maximum flexibility.


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