AHDB Potatoes Turns to Top Food Bloggers

Consumers are exposed to a constant stream of messages, day and night, and as they start to ‘switch off’ from professional advice – particularly when it comes to health – food industry marketing needs to adapt, according to AHDB Potatoes.

Nick White, head of marketing and corporate affairs at AHDB Potatoes, said:
“Reports suggest that eight out of 10 people don’t like to be told what is healthy and instead prefer to cherry pick information from their peers and trusted sources. Acknowledging this within the marketing efforts of the potato sector is crucial.

Potatoes more than just a bit on the side

Potatoes more than a bit on the side

“That’s why, as part of our campaign ‘Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side’, social media and peer marketing is a major focus. We’re working with numerous high profile bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers) to share key health messages and recipe ideas that resonate rather than dictate.”

Deliciously Ella (Ella Woodward) is the latest to partner the campaign. The author and prominent food blogger, who has 5 million social followers, believes in eating natural food so is well-placed to offer tips and advice on how potatoes can be included within a healthy diet. Ella’s exclusive potato recipes will be designed to support young women with busy lifestyles, demonstrating healthy but inspiring potato recipe ideas that can be prepared in less than thirty minutes and seamlessly fit into everyday cooking.

Ella said:
“I’m really excited to cook creatively with potatoes – a healthy and versatile food that I’m keen to encourage everyone to be more adventurous with. Potatoes are a source of natural goodness and can be used for some really diverse and delicious recipes.

“I’m hoping to help people see potatoes in a new light – they’re a natural, fresh, unprocessed food which can be included in a nutritious, balanced diet in so many dishes. They also fit in perfectly with a plant-based, gluten-free diet, like mine.
“Potatoes are so quick and simple to cook with – the key is learning how, and not pairing them with unhealthy foods. I’m working with the Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side campaign to share some incredibly tasty, super healthy recipes with my followers. I feel so passionate about showing people how to give their bodies the love and health they need, and I can’t wait to show them how potatoes can play a part in this.”

But is not just attitudes to health messaging that are changing, so too are shopping and eating habits. According to the Waitrose Food & Drink Report more consumers, particularly younger people, are opting to do smaller, more frequent shops and are increasingly likely to buy and cook on impulse rather than stick to a rigid plan. This means there are growing opportunities to influence behaviour via social media and online platforms, as well as in-store; particularly convenience stores where people tend to ‘top-up’ or browse for nightly meal inspiration.

Nick said:
“Recipe inspiration plays a massive role here, with people specifically shopping for a particular meal idea they may have seen or heard about during the day. Our bloggers are well-respected and have access to a wide range of recipes and nutritional messages that position potatoes as a fuss-free, simple and tasty option, ideally suited to modern-day dishes and international flavours.

“Harnessing the power of leading bloggers and vloggers, as well as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels will enable us to reach more consumers and engage with them on a more regular and impactful basis. As research shows, this is clearly the way forward.”

AHDB Potatoes

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