LFASS Scheme Letter Causes Confusion

Some crofters have been “confused and concerned” by a Scottish Government letter regarding payments to be made under the government’s interim Less Favoured Areas Supports Scheme (LFASS).

The interim scheme is intended to pay out an estimate of crofters’ and farmers’ entitlements to LFASS and has been brought in due to the financial hardship being caused by the failure of the government’s new IT system for agricultural payments.


Scottish Crofting Federation vice-chair Russell Smith said;
“The interim payment of LFASS is most welcome given the inordinate delay to the Basic Payment, but the tone of the government’s letter to crofters is confusing and unintentionally alarming. The letter seems to imply that the LFASS payment is a loan that will have to be repaid with interest. Crofters are being asked to accept these terms or to refuse payment.

What is actually meant is that, if the interim scheme results in overpayment, then the amount of the overpayment will have to be repaid.

We are urging crofters not to be put off by the terms of the Scottish Government letter, and not to decline this payment unless they are content to wait until the correct amount is calculated. Basically, crofters can ignore the letter and get an LFASS payment before the end of the month. Those in doubt should phone the RPID helpline.


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