BDUK Broadband Project Boosts Connectivity

Satellite Internet, a specialist satellite Internet Service Provider (ISP), have announced that it is seeing a growing level of interest in the supplementary element of BDUK’s Basic Broadband For All scheme which aims to provide affordable broadband services of at least 2Mbps to all UK premises.

Satellite Internet has been an approved provider under the Supplementary Scheme since its launch last December, as BDUK continues its efforts to improve broadband connectivity for homes and businesses across the country. The BDUK voucher scheme provides a major contribution towards the equipment and installation cost of a basic broadband connection delivered over satellite, ensuring the minimum standard for speed is met, even in the most hard-to-reach areas

Satellite Internet

As part of the satellite-specific scheme’s supplementary element, Satellite Internet is offering an entry-level proposal, which includes 10GB of monthly data and speeds of up to 20Mbps direct to end-users, at a cost of £19.95 per month.

Satellite Internet Managing Director Mike Locke said:
“Despite the nationwide demand for fast connectivity, many properties in the UK still don’t have the most basic broadband speeds, rendering users unable to make full use of the internet. BDUK’s Basic Broadband For All scheme recognises the importance of satellite internet connectivity in providing an acceptable level of broadband speed to the “final five percent” – those premises that cannot realistically be served by traditional terrestrial-based broadband delivery technologies.”

The Basic Broadband For All Supplementary Scheme is entirely administered by BDUK, which has directly engaged with a number of accredited Retail Service Providers (RSPs). The Supplementary Scheme runs alongside the main national scheme, which is managed by regional authorities and provisioned via BT through an alternate selection of accredited RSPs.

Locke added:
“The key advantage of the Supplementary Scheme is that BDUK passes subsidy directly through to RSPs which are already experts in bringing connectivity to more geographically challenging properties without involving a middle man. This allows us to deliver broadband services to eligible premises at the most affordable level to the consumer and it is this affordability that is now attracting an increasing level of interest.”

Satellite Internet partners with SES Techcom Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of leading satellite operator SES, to deliver high-speed satellite broadband services across the UK and Ireland.

Satellite Internet

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