New Generation Fodder Beet Tops Yield Table

Limagrain’s new fodder beet variety Tarine has come out top for dry matter yield in the company’s latest field trials.

Results, based on three years of trials, show that Tarine outshines the control variety Kyros by 8%. Based on a dry matter yield of 17.6 tonnes per hectare, this means that Tarine produces 1.4 tonnes per hectare more and top of the 12 varieties on trial.


Tarine also produced a dry matter content at 20.1% which is higher than other medium dry matter varieties. It is a Rhizomania resistant variety with clean pink roots. Sixty four per cent of the root grows below the ground and it has good leaf size; both of these features help with harvesting and make it possible to use leaf lifting machine.

“Tarine marks a new generation of fodder beet,” says Limagrain’s forage crop specialist Martin Titley. “It has been bred especially for its feed characteristics and these results are demonstrating its success at field trial stages. We will see the first seeds drilled in the UK this spring for harvesting in autumn ready to include in beef and dairy rations.

“Livestock producers can take advantage of the exceptional levels of energy and dry matter yield per hectare and with varieties like Tarine they can realise even more value from home grown feeds,” adds Mr Titley.

“Be discerning about the choice of variety and take advantage of UK trial data. And it is worth reviewing the variety choice and take advantage of new plant breeding genetics.”

Limagrain’s latest Forage Crops Trial Results Guide for 2016 includes data for nine different forage crop species, to suit different land types, nutritional requirements and management systems.


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