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Basildon Rocks to Heavy Metal at New Holland Tractor Launch

New Holland has launched its new Heavy Duty T7.290 and T7.315 tractors to UK customers and dealers at a Heavy Metal-themed event at its Basildon manufacturing facility.

The new T7.315 model was revealed in appropriately dramatic rock fashion. Accompanied by rock music and a smoke and light show, it was the climax of New Holland’s Heavy Metal event which showcased the newest high horsepower tractor ranges available to its UK dealers and farmers.

New Holland Heavy Metal

The New Holland T7.315 model was revealed in appropriately dramatic rock fashion. Accompanied by rock music and a smoke and light show

The new two-model T7 Heavy Duty range will be built at the Basildon plant. These are the  most powerful tractors ever built in Basildon, representing a milestone in the manufacturing facility’s history and the development of a new manufacturing line has been necessary to build the machines.

James Ashworth, New Holland’s UK and ROI marketing manager, who opened the Heavy Metal event, said:
“We’re incredibly proud to present these new models to our customers and dealers. Our customers have been asking for more power on the T7 range, and now we’ve delivered it.”

Designed and built to meet customer demands, the T7 Heavy Duty tractors provide the additional horsepower needed for power-hungry operations, without the need to move up to a larger chassis machine. Maximum horsepower of  288 or  313  is available all the time on the T7.290 and T7.315 respectively.

The six cylinder NEF engine used in current T7 models has been retained, with additional power provided by an electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger (EVGT). This provides the additional ‘lugging power’ required to operate at low engine speeds and instantly reacts to changes in load, without any turbo-lag.

Continuously variable transmission is provided by New Holland’s award-winning Auto Command™. The four direct drive points offer 100% mechanical efficiency and have been positioned to perfectly match the most frequently used speeds during high-speed field work, transport and heavy cultivation operations.

Significant fuel savings when undertaking PTO work have been made possible by a four-speed rear PTO and a two-speed front PTO. Engine rpm can be adjusted via the in-cab speed shift to take account of changing conditions and implement demands, to maximise engine efficiency.

Re-designed hydraulic circuits have reduced parasitic losses with no oil moving unless it is required. Additional fuel savings can be achieved via the 220 l/min pump, which produces significant oil flow even at low engine speeds.

To improve up-time in the field, New Holland has increased fuel tank capacity on the Heavy Duty models to 630 litres. This should help those who want to maximise their time by working late into the night without re-fuelling.

New Holland’s IntelliCruise™ ISOBUS Class 3 tractor-baler automation technology will be a benefit for those with large volumes of straw to bale, and particularly for owners of New Holland’s BigBaler, for which the T7 Heavy Duty has been engineered to match. The technology enables the baler to control the tractor’s speed to optimise feed rate and produce consistent bale density and slice thickness.

Despite the additional weight and power of the Heavy Duty models, they are light on their feet provided correct tyres and pressures are selected. Larger group 48 and 49 tyres (2050mm and 2150mm diameters) with a rear tyre width up to 900mm can be fitted to the T7.290 and T7.315. The larger tyre results in improved traction and minimises soil compaction. Operators will even have the ability to monitor tyre pressure from the cab via the IntelliView IV display.

Oliver Bartlett, Farm Director and Neil Coatsworth, Farm Manager at Alan Bartlett and Sons, a root vegetable business in Cambridgeshire attended the Heavy Metal event.

Asked for a first impression of the T7 Heavy Duty, Neil said:
“It looks like a good all-round tractor. We need a small stature tractor with high horsepower for ploughing, ridge-work, sub-soiling and power harrowing. Our existing tractors always seem to be short of top-end power. The T8 is too big and the standard T7 doesn’t have quite enough power.

Neil continued:
“We currently run 32 New Holland tractors and are looking to replace some of them shortly. As soon as Pecks, our local dealer, gets a T7.315 in for demo, we’ll give it a try.”

The bigger fuel tank on the T7 Heavy Duty was a hit for Nick Hales and Derek Pierce of East Sussex contracting business D.E. Hales and Son.

Nick said:
“The bigger fuel tank would make a big difference to us; we could work on into the night. It’s always difficult to do that when you need to rely on someone to come out with the bowser.”

New Holland’s Heavy Metal event presented the entire range of new high horsepower tractors to its customers, including the new T7, T8 and T9 models with new engines that meet Tier 4B emissions criteria and offer improved fuel efficiency.

Jonathan Locke of A.A. Clifton who farms 2,500 acres of arable land near Romney Marsh in Kent was impressed by the Heavy Metal event. His focus was on the new T7 Tier 4B range.

“The T7 Heavy Duty looks great, but the T7.270 would suit me better. We had one on demo recently and really got on with it. The whole concept was great – its size and manoeuvrability - and it was really nice to drive.

New Holland’s Precision Land Management (PLM) is a big draw for Jonathan. He said:
“We currently have a mixed fleet of tractors and a New Holland combine. The New Holland GPS system is one of the main reasons I’m considering changing over to an all-New Holland fleet in the next couple of years.”

Other Heavy Metal event highlights included the T8 SmartTraxTM which was demonstrated at various events throughout the UK during the late summer and autumn.

Mr Ashworth, New Holland’s UK and ROI marketing manager said:
“New Holland tracks have been tried and tested on our CR combine range and now this technology has been transferred to our tractors. The tracks offer superb versatility with the advantages of improved traction with the manoeuvrability control of a front axle, and the ride comfort of front axle suspension.”

Across its machinery range New Holland has particularly focussed on operator comfort. Super quiet cabs are driver-friendly with improved safety from increased visibility and new lighting packages. A choice of seats is on offer for a comfortable ride, plus air conditioning and a host of ergonomic features and control layout options to improve efficiency and help reduce fatigue.

New holland

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