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Muscovy Ducks take Poultry Championship

Fylde poultry breeder Linda Fiddler, Raker Farm, Freckleton, near Lytham St Anne’s, hit all the right notes when securing a championship and reserve championship double at the latest seasonal Craven Premier Poultry and Waterfowl show and sale at Skipton. (Sat, Oct 10)

Linda clinched the title with her red rosette-winning waterfowl, a pair of 2015 Muscovy Ducks, a free-range drake and duck from parents graded as exhibition stock at the Rare Breeds Survival Trust showcase held in Melton Mowbray.

Linda Fiddler with her Muscovy Ducks

Linda Fiddler with her Craven Premier Poultry Muscovy Duck champions

Linda, who also had the second prize pen of waterfowl, again with Muscovy Ducks, was also responsible for the first prize large fowl, a trio of Copper Black French Marans, which were awarded the reserve championship and sold for top price in show of £90 to Margaret Watkinson, of Sessay, near Thirsk.

Margaret is a familiar face at Skipton, notably for her award-winning Zwartble sheep, which she has now sold and decided to look at poultry breeding as a new interest in life. The reserve champions were her first acquisitions in this respect.

For good measure, Linda, who is a civil servant with the Department of Work and Pensions in Fylde, also stepped up with the second prize pen of large fowl, a trio of Buff Orpingtons.

She has been breeding poultry for 15 years and, as well as her show principals, she also has Silver Grey Dorkins, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Embden Geese and Abacot Ranger Ducks. She says she strives to breed exhibition quality stock.

The first prize Bantams, a trio of Light Sussex, were shown by AP Leetham, of Howden, Goole, and sold for £60.

Other notable prices were £52 for a pair of Rhode Island Red pullets, £40 for a pair of Light Sussex and £38 for two Light Sussex pullets.

The show was again stewarded by Craven Poultry Keepers Club and once more featured several ‘Blue Ribbon’ card-graded classes judged on quality, with expert feedback given by experienced poultry keepers overseen by Edward Boothman, of Silsden, chairman of both the Craven club and The Poultry Club of Great Britain. Mr Boothman also acted as show judge.

The next Craven Feather Auctions are scheduled for Saturday, November 7, followed by the Christmas show and sale on Saturday, December 12.

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