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Lleyn Ewes in Demand at Ross on Wye

Demand for females was evident from early in the day at Ross on Wye on Thursday 3rd September with the pens busy prior to the sale.

The demand continued from the older ewes through the shearlings and into the ewe lamb section. 100% of the shearling ewes and older ewes were sold with only a couple of pens of ewe lambs unsold. The higher number of rams entered enabled buyers to be more selective with those rams picked out before the sale making a firm trade.

DJ Steen Top Price 6200gns

Top Priced Ram from DJ Steen - 6200gns

The older ewes set the scene well when George Cullimore, Bath sold two year olds and three year olds for £130/head and £120/head. Phyl Hale, Tibberton sold a pen of two year olds for £125/head.

Shearling ewes saw a top of £225/head for the first prize pen of five from JF Robinson, Church Stretton. These were purchased by the pre-show judge Richard Twose, Whitland. Next to top was Helen & Roger Wells, Cardigan with a pen of ten selling for £202/head to A Naylor, Cowbridge. JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal sold the 1st prize pen of ten for £182/head to DA & T Pyke, Whitchurch. Their 2nd prize pen of five sold for £185/head to D O’Brian, Argoed. Ten pens in total realised over £170/head with many pens selling in the £160’s.

Ewe Lambs topped at £130/head twice. The first pen was the first prize pen of ten lambs from TP Radford, Heydour. These sold to Jo De’Meyst hence they will be going to Belgium. The same buyer bought all Mr Radfords lambs including the first prize pen of five for £118/head. The next to realise £130/head was from Mr & Mrs C Price, Upperchapel, they sold to J & W Grigg, Cornwall. DW & CF Morris, Carmarthen sold a pen of five for £125/head to DA & TJ Pyke, Whitchurch.

The commercial type shearings could be picked up from £130 to £160 depending on size and skins. Ewes which had been summered hard and/or lambed as ewe lambs but were ready to move forward were being picked up for £130-£140. Larger tupping lambs were easily realising £100 plus. The spike in the prime lamb this week seems to have boosted confidence hence helping the base price for lambs with nothing sold for under £72. With new classes for pens of ten females, commercial buyers were finding it easier to gather their required numbers.

Rams saw excitement with a new centre record of 6200gns from DJ Steen, Lockerbie with a Ballylinney ram. Both the parents of this ram are homebred with the grandsire being a Sackville-Hamilton ram. With interest on the phone as well as in the ring, he was bought by a Skelton Farming Ltd, North Yorkshire.

DN Bennett & Son, Meifod sold lot 468, Plasucha Declan for 3500gns to E & S Radcliffe, Swansea. Both parents are homebred stock having bred successful prize winning stock.

DJ Steen’s second Ballylinney Ram, lot 440 sold for the next top of 1500gns to joint purchases D Stacey & CM Crudge from the West Country. This ram was sired by a Tacho ram.

The Champion Ram from JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal, Wraycastle Darcy, sired by a Norman Lawrence ram sold for 1200gns to J Davies, Macclesfield.

Sale Averages

Ewes to £130 av. £113.71 (-£16)
Shearling Ewes to £225 av. £155.18 (+£13.82)
Ewe Lambs to £130 av. £100.05 (+£8.44)

Rams to 6200gns av. £784.24 (+£115.87)

Top Prices

G Cullimore £130
P Hale £125
PG Kane £122
G Cullimore £120
Mr & Mrs T Rees £110
WJ & DJ Williams £110

Shearling Ewes
JF Robinson & Sons £225
HM Wells £202
JA & R Geldard & Sons £185
E & L Thomas £185
JA & R Geldard & Sons £182
WJ & DJ Williams £180
WJ & DJ Williams £175
L Organ £175
RA & PA Bowen £172
C Lewis £170

Ewe Lambs
Radford £130
C Price £130
DW & CF Morris £125
LJ Steen £120
TP Radford £118
G & A Fort £115
WJ & DJ Williams £115
T & B Fort £112 (x2)

DJ Steen 6200gns
DN Bennett 3500gns
DJ Steen 1500gns
H Goldie 1250gns
JA & R Geldard & Sons 1200gns
E & D Jones 1200gns
JK Goldie 1100gns
L Organ 1000gns
DN Bennett 1000gns


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