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Cogent Turns Up the Heat with New Health Monitoring Feature

Heat detection has been taken to a new level of accuracy with the launch of a brand new health monitoring tool by Cogent Breeding Ltd.

Developed by Dairymaster, the new monitors branded PinPoint+ record key elements including oestrus related activity, rumination, resting and feeding times. This aspect of whole herd health management allows the user complete control and leads the way to more profitable production.


The cloud-based software, underpinned by Cogent’s current PinPoint heat detection programme, collates data from across the whole farm to provide ‘real time’ monitoring. The system updates from cow to mobile smart phone every 15 minutes and allows 24/7 data transfer to third parties such as staff, vets or nutritionists.

It is this ability to react earlier to conditions such as ketosis and milk fever that offers the biggest advantage and with a report from Reading University showing that reducing milk fever can save £220 per case and reducing ketosis can save £823 per case, it is clear that the system can benefit both the herd and the farm’s financial bottom line.

Additionally, a reduction in power consumption means battery life will last up to ten years and with a range from cow to Base Station Antenna of 1500m+, it will suit all types of herds regardless of whether they are grazing, housed, dairy or beef.

Cogent’s Precision Technical Manager, Mike Jones, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer this new level of technology that will improve profitability and allow herds to be managed effectively no matter what the size or location.”

“With over three million data points measured on every cow every 24hrs, PinPoint+ gives you the ability to react faster to cows requiring attention. Quite simply, it is like having the herd in your pocket. PinPoint + will identify every necessity and is a new feature of fertility management that every herd needs.”

Dr Edmond Harty, CEO Dairymaster said: “This can completely revolutionise productivity and management on farms as PinPoint+ allows the cow to follow her natural cycle resulting in more calves and healthier cows who can perform at their peak levels. PinPoint+ means that you can enjoy more family or free time and your herd is still being monitored for health and heat detection on a constant basis.”


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